LONDON – December 3, 2015Edge Case Games, the team behind the hit space game, Strike Suit Zero, announced today that is celebrating the first anniversary of its tactical space MOBA, Fractured Space, with a new video showcasing the game’s powerful and evolving visual quality. The video gives a flyby and strategic analysis of the Destroyer, a powerful and immensely scaled ship with unparalleled destructive capacity. Despite the game’s huge scale, details such as landing bays, sensors, and even venting gas can be clearly seen when passing by the mile-long ship. Befitting its immense mass, the Destroyer is slow, but with powerful turrets capable of a range of over 15 miles it is well suited to tactical play versus the game’s other giant capital ships.

Originally launched on Steam Early Access in November 2014 Fractured Space has evolved using an open development model where the community can voice their opinions about all the aspects of the game. As shown in an infographic released today by Edge Case, the developers have conducted 73 play sessions with players, spent more than 9,000 hours in QA, and issued 35 game updates in the game’s first year.

“We are very excited to have reached this important milestone,” said James Brooksby, CEO of Edge Case Games. “We are actively listening to players to help us shape the final vision of the game in preparation of our public launch in 2016.”

In further news, Edge Case revealed that Fractured Space will be showcased to the public for the first time ever at the Insomnia Games Festival held in Birmingham, NEC from 11th to 14th December.

Fractured Space is a team-based space combat game fought in gigantic capital ships with the intensity of a shooter and the big-picture-thinking of a strategy game. Following the recent release of the new Frontline game mode both online players and people attending the UK-based festival will be able to experience the immediate, full-on nature of fleet combat while at the helm of one of the game’s colossal ships.

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