Creative Labs T4 wireless speaker system is an extension of their very popular T3 2.1 channel speaker system, but with great wireless capabilities. Featuring Creative Labs’ usual black, classy exterior, the subwoofer and satellite speakers are a fit in just about any office, living room, or game room.

In terms of wireless connectivity, the Creative Labs T4 features both Bluetooth 3.0 and NFC technologies. This covers just about every wirelessly-enabled audio output device on the market. We used our trusty iPhone 6 for playing various albums throughout the time we have been able to look at this system and I was consistently pleased with its output. The “SlaM” subwoofer is, as usual, capable of room-filling bass. The problem is that the bass knob on the back of the unit tends to be a bit touchy. If you are not careful, you can get some distortion in your music playback. Also, we were unable to test the NFC capabilities of the speaker system as none of us use anything that supports it. I can say that connecting to the speakers via Bluetooth is simple and you won’t have any troubles if you have connected to a Bluetooth device before.


The speaker system is also compatible with aptX audio technology. I first got the chance to check out aptX at CES a couple years ago with a set of high-end headphones. The aptX technology is pretty darn good at calibrating sound based on the user’s preferences. Just remember that your phone or wireless audio source has to also support aptX to take advantage of it.

For movie watching, the Creative Labs T4 was terrific. I hooked up my projector to the wired input on the T4’s audio control module and went to town with flicks like Days of Thunder, Point Break, and Pitch Perfect 2. The bass-filled action of NASCAR automobiles screaming around a track was jaw dropping. Equally inspired, yet on the other end of the spectrum, was the treble-filled acapella group in Pitch Perfect 2. The high-end sound was crystal clear and the low-end stuff was booming. This is a great speaker system for your home entertainment needs – especially if you are trying to run a movie projector setup in a smaller space. If I had this speaker system in college, I wouldn’t have had to rely on crappy on-board projector speakers for hearing my movies!

One issue we ran into was adjusting the volume knob on the control module. It seemed a bit strangely sensitive when adjusting the volume. Sometimes small movements would create larger changes in volume than other times. Judging by some of the feedback we have seen, this is just one of those idiosyncrasies in the system and by no means a damning issue or problem. It just means you have to fiddle with it a bit more. If you use the remote control, things are a lot smoother.

I also hooked the speaker system to my computer for some PC gaming via the “audio in” ports on the back of the subwoofer unit. The 2.1 channel audio was great and I enjoyed many hours of Elite Dangerous as well as Metal Gear Solid V using these speakers. Just to clear up any confusion, it should be noted that the satellite speakers are not wireless – they are still attached to the subwoofer unit via cable.

Overall, the Creative Labs T4 wireless 2.1 channel speaker system is a great purchase for around $290 dollars. The speaker system is available both online and in stores and we’d like to thank Creative Labs for letting us check one of these systems out for our review.

Creative Labs T4 Wireless 2.1 Speakers on Creative Labs Website

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