The National Association of Broadcasters, or “NAB” as it is more commonly known, put on a convention every year the brings out the tech savvy and journalists from all mediums to see what will be next in professional grade electronics. Where CES may show the latest toy drones or consumer grade headsets such as Beats, Wicked, or Turtle Beach, NAB brings out the drones that can carry full size broadcast cameras, studio lighting and audio and video boards that have hundreds of buttons, sliders and switches. All this isn’t to say a person not in the professional broadcasting can’t find technological gold mines, this is just where for the most part gimmick and style are replaced by functionality and durability, it may not look sexy but it will get the job done dependably over and over again. Podcasters taking their game to the next level, web television stations and amateur photographers and videographers stand side by side with the CEO of CNN or celebrities like Wayne Newton (a regular to the show) as they see where technology is going and how it can serve them. And that is the key to this show: service rather than consumption, this show isn’t as much about being entertained as how to entertain others. If this has ever been a plan for you, if you ever want to be in a business where electronics play a factor or if you ever thought that you need a super insane gaming rig or ANYTHING to do with drones (it had it’s own pavillon) then this is a show to catch.

This year included the teaming up of the New Media Expo (NMX) with NAB which furthered it’s interest to bloggers, podcasters and anyone with online audio and video content with seminars, speakers and awards dedicated to these pursuits. Attending the Podcast Awards hosted by Chris Jericho and Emily Morse was a highlight of the show and the red carpet for the IAWTV Awards was a who’s who of internet celebrities.

A special thank you goes to Warner-Chappell for the invitation to Peter Frampton’s release party for “Hummingbird In A Box, Music For A Ballet” it was a special night that was as my mom-in-law put it “the most fun I have had in as long as I can remember.”


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