We hear at Gamingshogun.com love to bring you cell phone case reviews because we know that nowadays just about everyone uses them. They are our desktop from ten years ago shrunk down to fit into our pockets and carry such vital information as our medications to whether or not Lindsey is flaking out on dinner tonight. In the case of techies like our team it is even taken up tenfold, we might do final drafts on Word Press on our mobile wonders or try out the latest port to iOS or Android while we wait at the DMV. We can choose our seats and pay for them at our local theater, tweet about the great new seats and check our FB events to see if anyone else planned to catch that showing of the Lego Movie. In short plenty of us wake up reaching for the phone and listen to it while going to sleep at night. It needs protection and in the case of klutzes like yours truly it had better have a screen guard too. That’s why it is a safe bet that the X-Doria Defense 720 Hybrid Case would catch my eye.


– Full screen protection, full touch control
– Protects your device, front, sides, and back; with an added bumper for drop protection
– Two-piece shell design easily snaps on for a secure fit
– Patented polycarbonate front shield provides maximum protection for your screen

Hands On:
At first glance this case isn’t that exciting to look at, but that is because it’s key is in potential. It is designed to protect 720 degrees of the phone so it has a thicker colored bumper around the outside with transparent casing on the front and back. Created with the color schemes of the iPhone 5/5s in mind so that you can show your phone’s color through the case while accenting it with bumper I see the real possibilities in the clear case being customization. Instead of just having your phone show through the back you can put one of your favorite photos or shrink down a print of your favorite poster and put it in there. You can save your favorite fortune cookie messages in there or tuck stickers that you don’t want to stick to your phone inside it. What these cases really represent with their clear back is self expression however you choose to do that while at the same time keeping your phone safe.

In the area of keeping your phone safe the bumpers are solidly designed to help protect from edge impacts which can really ruin your phone and your day and have a simple pattern carved into them that accentuates the edge just a touch. Almost as importantly though is the removable front shield which is very solidly designed and I can’t stress the enough, the front screen has excellent connectivity. Being a phone gamer as well as needing to do social media I can’t tell you how frustrating a front shield can be if it lowers the touch response. If it is a little you might weigh the value of the protection versus the frustration of response issue typos or game mistakes, if it gets so that you audibly are hitting your screen for each letter of a tweet you may get as aggravated as I did the time I ripped the shield off the case and actually cut it up with scissors so that it would no longer darken man’s domain.


Last Call:
The X-Doria Defense 720 Hybrid Phone case is simple in appearance and design but solid in construction and possibilities. If you use your imagination this case could easily be the one that shows who you really are, it is a blank page simply waiting for your touch.

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