At CES everyone who passed the display with the little balls on rubber dongles had to pick them up and hold them. I was no different, there was just something about the little buggers. Once I got a hold of one at home and found out what it did it was even harder to leave alone. Turns out they were “Shutterballs”, little remote shutter controls for your smartphone that enable you to take “selfies” at farther than arm’s length.


  •  Simple Press of the ball releases the shutter
  •  Perfect for selfie or group portraits without distortion or contortion
  •  Easily snap group photos from up to 60′ away
  •  App triggers your smartphone camera for sharp still or video
  •  Loop onto your jeans, bag or keychain
  •  Coin cell battery pre-installed lasts up to 5 years


Hands On:
Pairing is as simple as downloading a free app and following the on-screen instructions. Once you do, the ball works the same as if you pushed the shutter button on your phone. So, if you have the phone set to take pics from the front camera then hit the button on the ball it will take from the front camera, same setup for the rear camera. This is handy if you are on vacations and want to get monuments or landscapes in the background of your selfie, you aren’t limited by proximity. The Shutterball is small enough to hide in your hand easily by just curling your fingers around it. This is handy if you get any color other than black because that way people won’t be wondering what that bright colored thing in your hand is.

The best use of the Shutterball that I can think of is that you can use it to remotely take video as well. This is great if you want to shoot some kind of video project or message using your phone. You can do a “standup” at an event or even set the camera where you want and with the push of the ball start recording a skit in front of it. If you want to keep the camera in the exact same spot for two shots, maybe one with you in it and one with you out of it so you can make yourself “disappear” you don’t have to worry about accidentally moving the camera between takes while pressing the button, it is all remote.


Last Call:
The Shutterball is a simple thing with tons of possibilities that will help take your photography and videography to the next step. It’s inexpensive, $24.99 dollar price point makes it budget-friendly and I expect the Shutterball to catch on like wildfire once word starts to spread about it.

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