Recently, we got the chance to send some questions over to the face of Evike.com, Matt! You may know Matt as Evike’s Youtube host as well as event host at their various gaming events around the country. Matt has been in the airsoft game for a long time and has seen a lot of trends come and go in the sport. So, we would like to thank Matt as well as Eddie over at Evike for making this interview possible.

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Q) Hey Matt, you are a well known figure in the airsoft world. Tell us a bit about your background: How you got into the sport, how long you have played, your involvement with Evike, etc.

I’ve been playing airsoft for about 12 years now. Originally I played with friends in their back yards, then started playing at Airsoft Playground, which is now Tac City North. I’ve always been more of an CQB oriented player, but as I do more and more events for evike, I find myself having to adapt my playing style to a more “outdoor” mindset. I started at Evike purely by chance I suppose. Their previous Youtube personality (Brandy Grace) was moving onto bigger and better things with her career and there was a spot that needed to be filled. I had been shopping at Evike for quite some time, and had made a few friends that worked here. They suggested for the owner to bring me in, and as I had some background in acting and improv work, I guess it was a perfect fit!

Q) Do you have a favorite airsoft field here in SoCal?

It’s difficult to say I have a favorite. There are fields I miss, like Zipper Factory and Killhouse. And there are fields I call “home” like airsoft playground. But I think my current go-to’s are SC Village and ITS Stops, which is a training facility in San Diego.

Q) Can you give us the rundown on your typical airsoft load out. Equipment and gun favorites, etc?

I have a custom made vest and battle belt by BeaverTac, which takes the best parts of the Mayflower APC and the Shellback Tactical Banshee, and combines them into a great package in Ranger Green to fit my needs in terms of carry capacity and size. For mag pouches I use HSGI Tacos and various other HSGI, Blueforce, and BeaverTac pouches. Primary weapon of choice for me alternates between my VFC HK416 with a custom Pro-win 8mm gearbox that I built years ago, still running strong 😉 or my VFC SCAR-L, with a G&P 8mm gearbox. For a secondary, I use a full custom Tokyo MaruI Hi-Capa that I converted into a lightweight STI 2011 platform, combining tactical functionality with IPSC “like” accessories to help with speed and in-game effectiveness.

Q) What’s more important to you: Rate of Fire or FPS?

For a long time, being an older-school airsofter, rate of fire was the goal. The faster you went, the more rounds you could lay down range, the more pain you could inflict on your opponent. I have learned over the years though, that a well placed single shot is far more effective than a huge volley of fire. So i’d have to say that FPS (to a point) and accuracy are more important.

Q) What hurdles do you feel that airsoft must jump to become more widely accepted?

Teaching airsofters to respect airsoft guns and to treat them with the same care and amount of safety that they would with a real gun. And then in turn, educating the public on how safe and responsible people are that actually PLAY the sport. The actions of the few and the irresponsible cannot and SHOULD NOT reflect upon the hundreds of thousands of players who behave responsibly and that understand that airsoft guns are not toys.


Q) Are you currently on any airsoft teams?

I was on a team for a long time, and since most of my teammates have retired I am currently just playing as part of the “Evike Team”.

Q) Do you have any comment regarding the banning of the Green Mountain Rangers team from all Lion Claws events?

You’re playing a sport that replicates and pays homage to the “real thing”. If you choose to attend a military simulation event, you should be prepared to simulate real military behavior, and that means following orders from those in charge. But that’s beside the point. Every military service member and well as law enforcement officer should demand a certain level of respect, whether you’re in the service or not. These people have given and ARE GIVING their lives on a daily basis to allow us all to continue living in the comfort that we do. And to disrespect any member of the service, especially one so decorated, is absolutely unacceptable. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Q) What advice would you give a person who wants to start playing airsoft?

Start small. There’s no need to buy everything ALL AT ONCE!!! Build your arsenal and your load over time, give yourself a chance to get used to every piece of kit, and every weapon. It will make you far more effective. Also remember, Referees and Airsoft field personnel are there to keep you safe. I know their decisions can sometimes be frustrating, but keep your cool, accomplish your mission, and have fun.

Q) Do you have anything to promote or any additional comments you would like to leave our readers with?

“In addition to…” 😉

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Once again, we would like to thank Matt for taking the time to answer our questions. You can checkout Matt over at Evike’s Youtube channel and their main online store.

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