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We had the opportunity to checkout some “home haunts” during our rounds this Halloween season, and were absolutely blown away by what the folks at “Big Worm’s Sherwood Scare” were able to create around their front and back yards. The basic theme of this haunted house is that all 64 kids attending Camp Sherwood went missing in 1975. After this event, the camp was closed – but, of course, recently re-opened. As guests of the camp, you get the chance to check it out and get more than you bargained for.

Approaching the home where Sherwood Scare is located, I was immediately impressed with the sheer length of the line to get into the attraction. This haunt has been highly-praised and we were so excited to get the chance to check it out. The attraction asks for a $3 dollar donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, so you can rest easy knowing that you are not only going to have fun but, also, give to a good cause. We were eventually ushered into the large cabin facade out front and sent towards what is usually the home’s back yard.


Around the side of the house was a really cool effect of a campsite with smoldering campfire. There was a tent where you could see a projection of two girls’ silhouettes moving about and even hear them speaking to each other. It’s fairly innocent banter, except for the cryptic stuff about the “man in the lake”. Once inside the first “room” of the haunted house, we met one of the camp counselors who showed us a really cool video to set the stage for what we were about to see. It starts as a promo video for the camp and is “taken over” by two girls who are pleading to leave (the recorded over the tape, basically). From there, you are sent into the darkness of the haunted house.

While Big Worm’s Sherwood Scare has a number of talented monsters working its winding pathways, and the duration of the experience is quite good, taking us about six minutes or so to get through, what stuck with me most was how the event kept the story of the camp going throughout. The narrative of the world they constructed was clearly present throughout and the final meeting with the “man in the lake” was a direct callback to the introductory video we watched as well as the two girls in the tent talking about it.

Big Worm’s Sherwood Scare is a very well-crafted home haunt and we can’t wait to see what they bring us next year!

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