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The G&G Top Tech TR16 R4 Commando blowback airsoft electric gun is a large model M4 meant for MilSim and field play. It features a full metal (quality aluminum) receiver – both upper and lower, as well as an included (and rock-solid) vertical foregrip and 450-round, hi-cap magazine. One of the most impressive features of this AEG is its pneumatic blowback system which generates a slight amount of vibration/feedback when fired. In addition, this blowback system also makes the AEG a bit louder than usual – especially when laying down a lot of fire. I also have to praise the hop-up system that G&G has put into this gun – it is very reliable and consistent, making this a very solidly-accurate AEG.

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Official Specifications:

  • Length: 870mm
  • Weight: 2600g
  • Inner Barrel: 357mm
  • Magazine Capacity: 450rd Hi-Capacity. Works with Matrix, G&G, Tokyo Marui and other compatible M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG Magazines
  • Muzzle Velocity: 300~340 FPS (Measured with 0.20g BBs)
  • Thread Direction: 14mm Negative
  • Gearbox: Ver 2 Full Metal, Fully Upgradeable
  • Fire Modes: Semi/Full-Auto, Safety
  • Battery: 9.6v Small Butterfly Type recommended (Battery not included)
  • Hopup: Yes, Adjustable

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Official Features:

  • Full Metal Receiver and RIS Handguard
  • High Strength Polymer Full Stock
  • Removable Rear Sight
  • Vertical Grip and Handguard Covers included
  • Full Metal Ver 2 Blowback Gearbox

Unfortunately, I ran into some serious comfort issues with the G&G Top Tech TR16 R4 Commando that just made it un-usable for any period of time. First, the spring wire which protrudes from the ejection port cover is very easy to prick your finger on. I did so and bled for about a minute. After slapping a band-aid on my finger, I also found that gripping the gun is very uncomfortable. The grip on this M4 has two very acute edges next to the back side of the trigger. Usually, when the trigger housing is as wide as the grip, they are not noticed. In the case of this AEG, however, the assembly is really narrow in comparison to the grip, leaving these two edges poking out. These edges dig into my middle finger when holding the gun. Even with gloves on, the edges dig in. If you have smaller hands, this might not be a big issue.

That being said, the G&G Top Tech TR16 R4 Commando does have some very cool features. One of the biggest and highly-touted of the G&G Top Tech line is its “Forward Assist” feature. Now, most of you know that in order to release the tension on your airsoft gun’s spring after a game, it is a good idea to do a couple shots of semi-automatic fire. With the forward assist feature in the TR16 R4 Commando, you never have to worry about it. Simply press the button to the right of the bolt catch and the tension is relieved! Another user-friendly feature on the TR16 R4 Commando is the locking bolt catch. When pulling back on the charging handle, you can press on the bolt catch to lock it in an “open” position. From here, you can easily adjust the AEG’s hop-up mechanism. On M4’s without this locking bolt catch, you have to keep back pressure on the charging handle while doing any adjustments (which is a pain).

[wpcol_1half id=”” class=”” style=””]What We Liked

  • Solid vertical grip
  • Good hop-up unit
  • Aluminum upper and lowe receiver
  • Blowback system

[/wpcol_1half] [wpcol_1half_end id=”” class=”” style=””]What We Didn’t

  • Unsafe ejection port cover spring is sharp and extends too far
  • Grip is not comfortable for people with larger hands


Overall, I wanted to love the G&G TR16 R4 Commando due to its solid construction, realistic feel, and G&G Top Tech features. If you are an airsoft player with smaller hands, you may not have much of an issue with the foregrip digging into your middle finger. However, still take care to avoid the sharp and pointy spring wire sticking out into the ejection port. Personally, I found the gun very uncomfortable to use for any period of time and have to lower its score to a 3 out of 5 stars. If you are interested in picking this gun up, I would recommend hitting a local airsoft store and finding out if you can hold it first. If you don’t experience these issues, you will no doubt have a solid gun to use on the field or in your MilSim games.

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