In this edition of Airsoft for Gamers, we are going to take a look at some of the various Airsoft fields in the Southern California area. Southern California Airsoft fields vary in terrain, conditions, gun & equipment rules, and more. Hopefully, this overview will help you figure out the best place to spend your game time at.

Outdoor Fields


HSP Combat Center Afghan Town

HSP Combat Center

Located on the Hollywood Sports Park complex, the HSP Combat Center is one of the most well-known Airsoft fields in the area. Open Monday, Thursday, and Friday for night games and weekends for all-day play, the park features multiple fields of various sizes, including a very cool Afghan town environment. Other fields at this site also share games with the paintball crowd, so keep an eye out for what’s going on around you. HSP has some pretty standard rules for playing Airsoft, but remember to bring something to protect your ears. This park sees a good amount of foot traffic but sometimes ends up with a very high percentage of younger kids playing – and they don’t always stay honorable in calling themselves out. Entry fees are a bit higher than the others on weekends at $28 dollars a person, but the park does offer some really interesting membership packages that include equipment discounts and other extras. For spectators, the park offers some great elevated areas to grandstand and talk about the in-progress matches.

Also of note is that on the first Wednesday of every month, HSP puts on “Wednesday Wars”, an all evening long Airsoft war with hundreds of players. Checkout their site for more information.



MilSim Game at Jericho Airsoft

Jericho Airsoft

Jericho Airsoft is all about MilSim play and takes their Airsoft very seriously. There are no willy-nilly loadouts here as you must wear at the very least a military jacket/top (they would like to see full uniforms) to better differentiate between teams. The field also has strict rules about the usage of hi-cap magazines. The beginner rules state you can only carry 2 hi-cap magazines and ammo to refill them – that’s it. However, you can instead use as many low and mid-cap magazines as you like. This is all meant to enhance realism and avoid players who blow through hundreds of BBs at a time because there is no danger 0f running out. The field also has advanced player group rules where a person may only carry 1 hi-cap if they choose to do so. Personally, I would stick to mid-caps here unless you are a support gunner.

Jericho Airsoft is a great place to play with serious Airsoft players who like a challenge, as much of the terrain gets rearranged weekly and is a lot more rugged than most locations. Be sure to have appropriate safety gear and footwear here.

This facility allows public games only on the weekends and costs $25 dollars for entry. You can play during weekdays but need to book a private party of 15 or more.

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