LONDON – Mobile developer Rubicon Development announced the launch of Great Big War Game on the iTunes App Store and on Android’s Google Play for $2.99. The sequel to their iOS hit Great Little War Game, Great Big War Game blends casual-yet-robust strategy gaming with a lighthearted graphical style reminiscent of plastic toy soldiers.  With a greatly expanded single-player campaign, brand new online multiplayer and a whole raft of other cool new features, there’s plenty to please the 2.5 million strong player base from the first game.  Download Great Big War Game today:

Great Big War Game puts players in the boots of the ambitious sergeant Jenkins as he attempts to placate the dimwitted general while keeping his own troops safe from mortar shells and rifle rounds.  Using casual tap-and-swipe turn-based strategy, Great Big War Game lets players take turns moving their troops around a grid-based battlefield, adapting war strategies on the fly as they attack enemies with land, sea, and air units.  The game includes platform-independent multiplayer, so friends can seamlessly wage war between Android and iOS devices, as well as between forthcoming versions for PC, Mac, and Blackberry Playbook.  This will enable gamers to begin skirmishes from an iPad in the morning and continue on a PC during lunch, with the battles playing out asynchronously like the popular “With Friends” series. Great Big War Game also includes a 50 level single-player campaign, so gamers can battle while waiting for an adversary to counter-attack.

Great Big War Game features:

Massive Campaign – 50 challenging single player missions start off simple and evolve into an all-out warzone

    • Online, Asynchronous Multiplayer – Battle Android players from an iOS device or take on iPad players from an Android tablet… it all “just works”
    • Skirmish and Pass ‘n Play – Compete with friends locally on a single device, or against the AI opponent on the multiplayer maps
    • Huge Variety of Units & Buildings – Grunts, tanks, snipers, flamethrowers, and bazooka infantry all mean business! Keep an eye out with scouts as team engineers capture enemy fortifications
    • 70 Multiplayer Maps – Wide variety of levels keep every game fresh, with different strategies for hilly terrain, deep jungles, remote islands and more
    • Customizable Armies – Manage in-game resources to suit any style of play; choose whether to chip away with a dozen grunts, or bet it all on a fearsome warship
    • The Softer Side of War – Appropriate for all ages with silly characters, hilarious unit sounds and an overall “plastic toy soldier” vibe to keep the mood light, even when the action gets fierce
    • Full Retina-enabled Graphics – Turn-based war battles have never looked so good
    • Game Center Achievements – Show friends and enemies who’s boss with Game Center integration.



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