LOS ANGELES, Calif. – June 4, 2012 – Get ready to represent your nation and become a global warfighter online. Today Danger Close™ Games, an Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) studio revealed the bonus* pre-order items for Medal of Honor™ Warfighter Limited Edition. Fans that step up to global Tier 1 will have an arsenal of additional content available from day one, when pre-ordering Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition at select retailers. Inspired by the spirit of international competition in sports, Medal of Honor Warfighter lets players experience their national pride online, playing as their country’s Elite Special Operations Units on the multiplayer battlefield. This groundbreaking move gives players a window into the look and style of 12 Tier 1 units from 10 different nations around the world. Medal of Honor Warfighter also introduces a new mode where the world’s best-of-the-best warriors go head-to-head in combat including the Polish GROM, Canadian JTF2, Australian SASR, U.S. Navy SEAL, U.S. SFOD-D and the Russian Spetsnaz Alfa Group.

Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition

Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition includes an early unlock of U.S. SEAL Team Sniper equipped with the McMillan TAC-300. SEAL Snipers are universally feared for their innate ability to stalk, target and then peel apart the enemy from extreme distances while in total concealment. Combined with the lethality and surgical precision of the McMillan TAC-300, SEAL Snipers have a devastating and demoralizing effect on those who attempt to engage them.

In addition to the Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition, players who pre-order through select retailers will also unlock specialty content including:

  • Medal of Honor Warfighter SFOD-D Pointman Pack – Gamers will unlock early the U.S. SFOD-D Point Man right when they hit the online battlefield. SFOD-D is known for speed, surprise and violence of action. The Point Man exemplifies this by assuming the inherent danger of placing himself in the first and most exposed position yet mitigates his risk with rapid speed, agility and extreme operational awareness.
  • Medal of Honor Warfighter Trijicon Optics 3 Pack – The Trijicon Optics 3 bundle unlocks three optics for the Heckler & Koch HK416 assault rifle, which includes the Trijicon ACOG, SRS Reflex and RMR, preparing Operators for any engagement. Trijicon’s wide range of brilliant aiming solutions fulfill the Operator’s need for both magnified, self-luminous tactical sights as well as red dot reflex sights that enhance target identification to increase hit probability in both extended-range and close quarter engagements.
  • Medal of Honor Warfighter British SAS Spec Ops Pack – Available via Origin.com, the British SAS Spec Ops packs provides PC gamers with an early unlock of the British SAS Spec Ops. The SAS have served as the model for modern Special Operations around the world and have been operating in covert, low visibility roles in non-permissive environments for decades. The SAS are experts in tradecraft acquired through extensive field experience in special reconnaissance, sabotage, snatch and grab and ambush often penetrating their targets completely undetected.
  • Medal of Honor Warfighter Digital Deluxe Pack – PC Gamers who pre-order the PC Digital Deluxe pack at $69.99 will receive all content from the British SAS Spec Ops pack as well as the Russian Spetsnaz Alfa Group Heavy Gunner. The Spetsnaz utilize and employ heavy weaponry more often than most Special Operations units. They see fire superiority as a priority in any engagement and therefore excel at suppression tactics, covering fire and support for their comrades. PC Digital Deluxe owners will also receive the digital game soundtrack for Medal of Honor Warfighter.

Participating retailers may vary. For more information on pre-order item availability, please visit www.medalofhonor.com/special-offers.

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