We just got our Natural Bamboo iPhone 4 back piece evaluation unit from the kind people at JackBacks. Basically, JackBacks allows iPhone 4 users the ability to replace the glass backing of their phones with one made from all-natural wood. They offer four types of wood – the standard Natural, Amber Bamboo, the premium Mahogany and Walnut backings. Keep in mind, these are not covers or skins – these are full back plate replacements. The standard wood types retail for $89 dollars while the premium wood backings retail for $129 dollars.

Installing the new back piece is completely simple, thanks to JackBacks providing everything you need for the job. They include both screwdriver and prod as well as some nifty buttons to promote their business. Also included was a paper with a link to the installation tutorial video located on their official website. After unscrewing the two screws located on the bottom of the iPhone 4, one simple slides the back cover off, revealing the internal workings of the phone. After this, you simply slide the new JackBacks replacement backing into place and screw the two 4pt screws back into the bottom of the phone. The entire process took me about ten minutes after watching the tutorial video. I encountered no unexpected hiccups or glitches in the process and, in the end, had a great-looking iPhone 4 to show for my efforts.

The quality of the back piece is incredible, and I just wish that JackBacks made “JackFronts” as well – having an all-bamboo iPhone 4 would be awesome. The back piece is durable and beautiful to look at. The only issue that I came across in using the iPhone 4 with the new back piece is that the JackBack is ever-so-slightly thicker than the standard back. While not an issue in so far as putting the phone in a pocket or silicone case – if you have a battery pack case (with a set connector piece), it could be too thick to use. In my case, I was still able to press the iPhone 4 into its battery case, with only slight bulging of the surrounding silicone.

Overall, we recommend JackBacks iPhone 4 back replacements to anyone looking for that extra something in their mobile device. Also of note is that for an extra cost, JackBacks will laser etch custom designs into the JackBack for your viewing (or marketing) enjoyment.

Photos of the Installation Process (Start, Middle, End)

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