Post Apocalyptic Mayhem is a new racer from Meridian4 and Steel Monkeys. It allows up to six players to race around post-apocalyptic tracks and blow each other to smithereens. That’s about it. Oh – it is also only $9.99!

Okay, so that does not constitute a full review – but at its core you are getting just what I wrote. Does this mean the game is flaw-free? Far from it, as Steel Monkeys have developed a racing game here where the goal is to blow each other up, not take 1st place. It is a bit of a confusing gameplay mechanic – they are racing around, but why even have a track? Why not just make it an arena-based experience? The main reason for this, good or bad depending on your own tastes, is weapon collection.

Over the run of the track you will find various weapon reloads in the form of colored barrels. Each color signifies a different weapon. Each vehicle basically has three weapons – even though they change slightly between them. For instance, the small dune buggy can spew forth blue bricks of doom to fend off wolf packs while the motor-home lets fly with lawn flamingos (btw, Steel Monkeys, that kind of humor does not go unnoticed – fun stuff!).

Visually, the game has a very pretty graphics engine with crisp detail and enough graphics options to satisfy the PC gamer. Across levels you will find all manner of debris, from destroyed battle tanks to entire aircraft carriers! In the sound department, the game is no slouch either with tons of ambient noise as well as guttural rumblings and whining of the various vehicles.

In the end, Post Apocalytpic Mayhem is a somewhat limited experience where your real challenge and fun will come from racing your friends online. The single player mode doesn’t present much of a challenge and you will tire of the limited track selection after a few races down each of them. On the multiplayer front, you will find an adequate ranking system as well as a number of Steam Achievements to unlock.

Post Apocalyptic Mayhem is an inexpensive racing experience that will definitely entertain you and your friends. It is a simple gameplay experience, but you must consider that you are not spending $60 dollars on a AAA racing sim here. This is not Gran Turismo X or V or whatever number they are on now – this is post-apocalyptic fun. Enjoy!


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