A couple nights back on GameTrailers, Chet Faliszek of Valve Software dropped a huge bomb. While reporting standard information on Portal 2, he gave word of the new L4D DLC, entitled ‘The Sacrifice’.

The original L4D is coming back, with an all-new DLC featuring the original four survivors. ‘The Sacrifice’ weaves the story of the death of a comrade, but who dies is left up to the players themselves. A 150-page comic will be released in four digital portions as well, giving backstory to what happened to Bill before the events of the most recent L4D2 DLC, ‘The Passing’. Another fun thing is that this DLC will encompass both games. Yep, ‘The Sacrifice’ comes to L4D2 as well, and will bring all four original survivors, and even the No Mercy campaign.

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(cont.) Portal 2 was also reported on in the episode of GTTV, displaying the power of the Source engine, as well as the story to the game’s co-op mode. There’s a story completely independent of the single-player story, but it does take place in the same universe. More information will arrive when PAX rolls around.

The episode of GTTV featuring information on both games can be found here.

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