DJ Games are the new craze in music video games. With the launch of Activision’s DJ Hero it was only a matter of time before developers hopped on the train and started making mobile versions. Ten23 Software partnered with Delicious Vinyl to create the first real mixing game for the Iphone and we got a chance to play it.

Delicious Vinyl DJ, on the iPhone, is setup very similar to other rhythm matching games. You have three color coded lines that drop symbols down the screen and you have to either scratch the appropriate turntables or press the middle effects button in sequence. The turntables respond really well but only if you have small hands. As with any touch-screen, mobile game if you have big sausage fingers you may have a problem playing this game. The middle button did not respond really well for me and I found myself rarely hitting the score on these.

Delicious Vinyl DJ only has 7 songs to choose from and the developers promise more in the way of free updates. The game costs $2.99 and I was really hoping there would be more in the way of song choices. This really kills the re-playability of the game. I can only listen to Pharcyde so many times a day.

The music tracks in DVDJ are really where this title shines. Songs come in clearly through the iPhone speakers and the mixes are great. While the songs selection is a bit limited currently, the included tracks are a nice mix of old school and contemporary hip hop. Hopefully, future editions of DVDJ will continue the trend of mixing old school and new school tracks.

My main issue with Delicious Vinyl DJ is it seems like one big advertisement for the record company. I have a feeling that future game downloadables will only consist of Delicious Vinyl artists and that is really going to make this a niche title. Opening it up to other genres would make the game a lot more appealing to a wider audience. Conveniently, in this world of micro transactions you also have the ability to easily-purchase each song you are playing via iTunes

The graphics themselves have no problems as there is really not much too it. The background of the game screen will flash the album you are playing and the main game looks like other rhythmic matching games. Delicious vinyl DJ is really just a simple game

Final Thoughts:
Delicious Vinyl DJ is fun for periods of diversion but would be far more worth the $2.99 cost if it offered more in the way of tracks and not ones just catered towards the Delicious Vinyl family of artists. If you are a fan of Delicious Vinyl then this game was made for you. Since this is one of the first titles in the mobile DJ game genre it is my hope that we see developers build on what Ten23 Software has started.


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