GamingShogun got a quick moment this morning to preview GamersFirst’s Parabellum. The title is a multiple play on words, with 9 mm parabellum ammunition being one of the most common caliburs, but also part of a phrase in Latin ‘Si vis pacem, para bellum’ which means ‘If you wish for peace, prepare for war.’

Parabellum is an online, first person shooter, akin to Counterstrike. Player avatars are highly customizable, and the instance-based missions seem engaging. Parabellum, like other titles from GamersFirst, is a Free2Play game. There is no cost to either download or play the basic game, however, certain customizations and weapons must be purchased… (Cont)

The developer we spoke with claimed that, on release, Parabellum will only have about 10% of their final intended content.  This means gamers can expect regular updates, items, and maps. 

Parabellum just entered closed beta, and the devs are shooting for an August 09 release date.  Check out the official Parabellum site for more info!

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