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Orwell Announced for Late 2016

Tuesday 09 August, 2016: Developer Osmotic Studios and indie label Surprise Attack Games today revealed Orwell, a narrative exploration game in which you must pry into the lives of citizens to find those responsible for a series of ideologically motivated terrorist attacks. Orwell will release in late 2016 for PC via Steam.

In the style of games such as “Papers, Please”, “Her Story” and “Cibele”, Orwell raises serious questions about contemporary society in a way that only a game can. It’s themes include the  balance between security and freedom, what it means when we trade privacy for connection, and the impact of the internet on the way we perceive our world and are perceived by others.

The player is cast as themselves, recruited by The Nation to be a part of a secret new security program – Orwell. Through Orwell, the player gains access to information from the internet, and the personal communications and private files of anyone suspected of connection to the terror attacks. Acting as an impartial outside, the player must choose what information to provide to security services, and what to hold back. These choices will have consequences for those involved and affect the outcome of the story as it unfolds towards its dramatic conclusion.


  • Orwell is a narrative-driven privacy invasion thriller
  • Pry into the lives of citizens to prevent a series of terror attacks.
  • Choose which information is sent to security services and which is not.
  • Choices have consequences – you have the power to alter perception.
  • Raises questions about modern society in a way only games can.
  • Releasing late 2016 for PC via Steam.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Announces Eye Tracking


Montreal & Stockholm – August 9, 2016Tobii, the global leader in eye tracking, and Eidos® Montreal, the award winning studio, today announced that the PC version Deus Ex: Mankind Divided® will support multiple eye-tracking features. Powered by Tobii eye trackers, Tobii EyeX and the SteelSeries Sentry allow for greater game immersion, a cleaner UI, and enhanced navigation. A Tobii EyeX and Deus Ex® game bundle is set to be released on the 23rd of August.

“With the Deus Ex franchise being a window to the future, we always try to provide innovative, ground-breaking experiences for our players,” says André Vu, Executive Brand Director at Eidos Montréal. “The numerous Tobii eye tracking features built into the game will provide PC gamers an extra layer of immersion that blends perfectly with the futuristic universe depicted in Deus Ex.”

The Tobii EyeX, a $139 USD peripheral eye tracker that connects to any existing PC via USB, empowers gamers with new, more realistic experiences in their games. Eye tracking serves as an additional modality that adds to the game experience without taking anything away or restricting the gamer in any way. Tobii sees numerous opportunities for eye tracking to enhance game immersion and realism, including the development of more responsive characters that interact with you when you make eye contact or features that mimic the functions of the eye, like dynamic depth of field or light exposure.

“The commitment by Eidos Montréal and Square Enix® to bring eye tracking to the mega Deus Ex franchise is another demonstration of the industry’s belief in the value of eye tracking,” said Oscar Werner, president of Tobii Tech. “We applaud the team at Eidos Montréal for their forward thinking approach and drive to give their gamers more.”

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided comes with a ton of new innovations to make gamers salivate. With eye tracking integration, gameplay becomes more immersive as the gamer’s eye movement is harnessed to create more natural and more realistic actions, making them part of this futuristic, dystopian world. Tobii eye tracking features include:

  • Aim at Gaze – Look at the target to take aim, then press a button and fire. This feature let players take out enemies using their natural gaze and will even work when locking the tesla gun for all-out mayhem.
  • Extended View– Look to the edge of the screen and the game’s camera will pan – giving players a wider field of view with just a glance. The natural eye movement will allow further immersion into the game’s environment and let players control what they want to see – just as in real life.
  • Icarus Dash at gaze – Simply look in the direction you want Adam to move in – even vertically. This will allow players you use the controls in a more fluid manner.
  • Interact at gaze – This feature lets players move effortlessly using the natural gaze to intuitively interact with objects. Look at an object, press a button and automatically move towards it before picking it up.
  • Clean UI– This feature lets player access UI info only when needed, giving them deeper immersion into the game’s environment. Look and they’ll appear. Look away, they’ll become nearly transparent. The screen is always covered fully in the game’s world, with the vital stats just a glance away. Helps you embrace the game’s environment. Helps players keep track of what you need to –when they need to.
  • Cover at Gaze – This feature lets players find refuge when the heat is on just by gazing across the environment – highlighting places you can hide behind. (Not available on August 23, this feature will be available in an upcoming update.)

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, the sequel to the critically acclaimed Deus Ex: Human Revolution®, builds on the franchise’s trademark choice and consequence, action RPG based gameplay, to create both a memorable and highly immersive experience. Players will once again take on the role of Adam Jensen, now an experienced covert agent, and will gain access to his new arsenal of customizable state-of-the-art weapons and augmentations. With time working against him, Adam must choose the right approach, along with whom to trust, in order to unravel a vast worldwide conspiracy. The game also includes Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Breach, a new and innovative game mode. This new take on the game offers, for the very first time, an arcade approach on the gameplay of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, providing players with a unique puzzle shooter experience.

New Tobii EyeX customers will receive a free copy of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided when they purchase the Tobii EyeX and Deus Ex Bundle here.

To see the entire collection of Tobii Eye Tracking Enhanced games, click here.

The Solus Project Review


The Solus Project puts you into the space boots of an astronaut who crash lands on an alien world. The Solus Project is the latest in a long list of survival games to be released of late. They are all over Steam, actually, and that is a double-edge sword. Thankfully, The Solus Project has some great things going for it that make the game stand out.

Throughout your exploration and struggle for survival, you’ll have to be sure to take care to manage your hunger, thirst, and even body temperature. Taking the challenge further, you will be tasked with solving puzzles to get to various objectives. This adds a nice new challenge to the survival-type game and can make for some exciting and rewarding moments.


Moving about the alien world, you will find plenty of food and water, which kind of makes that portion of survival a little less scary, which I didn’t mind. It was nice to be able to focus more on the journey and all the cool places I was exploring as opposed to my main concern being desalinating water or something like that. The more hardcore survival game players might find issue with that but I was good with it. Along the way, you will learn more about the game’s storyline via note pages left by other survivors.

From a visual and audio perspective, The Solus Project is a beautifully-made game. The alien world upon which you are stranded is lush and teeming with interesting, rich environments. The game is a treat to look at and you won’t be disappointed with it in that department – especially when so many other survival game developers don’t put as much emphasis on eye candy.

Unfortunately, there are also times where The Solus Project stalls a bit – mainly when it comes to the game’s implementation of virtual reality via the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Overall, its VR presentation iis a bit clunky, and the refresh rate seems to be a bit too slow to prevent dizziness – especially when moving in what they call “smooth” mode as opposed to jumping/teleporting. Hopefully, they can allow for fast refresh rates in the future via software patch.


Additionally, the game’s crafting system is a bit clunky. With no typical crafting / recipe menu to create your items, you have to pick objects from your inventory, set them on the ground, then pick another object from your inventory and “use” it on the previous one. Having a menu system to build items may be unrealistic in terms of the user experience but it is a much smoother ride that what the game offers.

Overall, while The Solus Project has some kinks to work out but, if you can see beyond them, you should have an exciting, fun gaming experience. If playing the game in VR, I would suggest keeping the game in jump/teleport movement modes until a high refresh rate can be allowed. Finally, the game is a VERY economical $19.99 on Steam right now – which is an absolute steal.

The Solus Project Review Score
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DOOM – Unto the Evil Launch Trailer

DOOM’s first premium DLC pack, Unto the Evil, is available today for download worldwide on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC for $14.99 / £11.99 / €14.99 / A$23.95! To celebrate the launch, we’ve released a new gameplay trailer that can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgWSz5kvtbI.

Unto the Evil is the first of three premium DLC Packs bringing all-new multiplayer content to the award-winning first-person shooter, DOOM. With three new maps to dominate, one new playable demon to unleash, a new weapon to master, a new equipment item, and a host of new armor sets, taunts, and Hack Modules, Unto the Eviloffers players even more ways to expand and customize their fast-paced multiplayer experience.

For more information please visit Bethesda.net and DOOM.com.

Sudden Strike 4 Announcement

Ridgewood, NJ – August 4, 2016 – Sudden Strike is back! Kalypso Media and Kite Games are thrilled to announce the return of the beloved Real Time Strategy series; complete with bigger battlefields, more units, better graphics, new scenarios and legendary commanders with individual abilities – all of which makes Sudden Strike 4 the most tactical and authentic title in the series to date!

Developed as a full-fledged series entry and not a remake or reboot, Sudden Strike 4 sends you off on three extensive campaigns set amongst the battlefields of World War II. Commanding the British and American, German or Soviet troops, you will lead over 100 different units into battle, including the German bomber Heinkel He111, the Russian T-34 tank, the British Hawker Typhoon fighter plane and the notorious German Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger. In a first for the Sudden Strike series, you can now choose from one of nine individual commanders, such as George Patton or Bernard Montgomery, who will each allow for different approaches to combat and boast unique abilities.

Prove your tactical expertise in over 20 demanding single player scenarios, the challenge-focused skirmish mode, and the competitive multiplayer mode. A new reward system rewards clever and tactical play, awarding the player with skill points and bonus content, such as historical film footage of the era.

Sudden Strike 4 offers countless ways to vanquish your opponents. Exploit the weak spots of tanks, set up an ambush, occupy buildings with infantry, outmaneuver the enemy with clever positioning or unleash devastating air strikes – how you approach each mission is up to you!

“Kalypso continues its tradition of reviving and invigorating classic titles and IPs, and the excitement surrounding the announce of Sudden Strike 4 cannot be understated,” says Simon Hellwig, Global Director of Kalypso Media. “The team at Kite Games consists of many talented individuals with an outstanding pedigree with World War II RTS titles, and the commitment and passion they are pouring into Sudden Strike 4 confirms that Kite Games is the perfect partner to bring this revered series back to the forefront of the RTS community.”

Sudden Strike 4 is available for pre-purchase today on Steam. Along with a 15% discount, those who pre-purchase Sudden Strike 4 will receive: an exclusive skirmish map, ‘The Battle for Kursk’ – one of the biggest tank battles of World War II! A digital copy of the official soundtrack recorded by the Hungarian Studio Orchestra. The Official Digital Art Book featuring the game’s fantastic artwork, including the work of Simon Robert, best known for his work on the hit TV series Game of Thrones! Visit Steam to find the offer today.

Features of Sudden Strike 4:

  • Sudden Strike 4 offers realistic real-time strategy gameplay with tactical depth and a historical setting
  • Three campaigns with over 20 missions to test your tactical skills and experience the fury of significant WWII battles
  • As one of nine commanders, lead your army on the battlegrounds of the biggest military conflict in history
  • Command more than 100 authentic units – including the Königstiger tank, the Katyusha rocket launcher and the Hawker Typhoon fighter plane
  • Pit yourself against other commanders in the competitive multiplayer mode
  • The PC version features modding support with Steam Workshop integration

Sudden Strike 4 will be available to play at this year’s gamescom on the Kalypso Media consumer stand (Hall 8.1 – C 40) and is also being demoed by the developers on the business stand (Hall 2.1 – C 11 | D 12), who will also be available for interviews.

Torment: Tides of Numenera Console Announcement Trailer

August 4th, 2016 Wroclaw, Poland/ inXile Entertainment and Techland Publishing are proud to announce that the highly-anticipated science-fantasy RPG gameTorment: Tides of Numenera will also be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Torment: Tides of Numenera, which was funded by one of the most successful videogame Kickstarter campaigns, was originally only set for a PC release in early Q1 2017. However inXile and Techland have been hard at work behind the scenes to ensure the title will have a console launch simultaneous with the PC version.

“After the critical and commercial success of Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut on consoles, and with fans clamouring for it, it had been in our plans to bring Torment: Tides of Numenera to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One,” says Brian Fargo, inXile CEO. “We’re especially excited to be partnering with Techland, who as developers themselves perfectly understand how to do a release without any compromise to the quality of the title.”

The console versions will be officially showcased at this year’s Gamescom. The game will be available for the public in Hall 10.1 while selected press will have their own demonstrations at Hall 2.2 D-020 where inXile will be presenting never-before-seen gameplay.

Torment: Tides of Numenera Key features:

  • A World Unlike Any Other — Journey across the Ninth World, a fantastic, original setting, with awe-inspiring visuals, offbeat and unpredictable items to use in and out of battle, and stunning feats of magic.
  • A Rich, Personal Narrative — Thoughtful and character-driven, the story is epic in feel but deeply personal in substance. The philosophical underpinnings of Torment drive the game both mechanically and narratively.
  • Reactivity, Replayability and the Tides — Your choices matter, and morality in the Ninth World is not a simple matter of “right” and “wrong”. Torment is a deeply replayable experience that arises naturally from your actions throughout the game.
  • A New Take on Combat — Plan your way through hand-crafted set-pieces which combine battles with environmental puzzles, social interaction, stealth, and more.

To keep up with the latest news from Techland Publishing, visit our Facebook and Twitter channels. For more information on Torment: Tides of Numenera, visit tormentrpg.com.

War Thunder: Update 1.61 “Road to Glory” Trailer

(MOSCOW, RUSSIAN FEDERATION) – July 26th, 2016 –Gaijin Entertainment today announced that its award-winning MMO WWII online game, War Thunder, will be celebrating summer with a spectacular display of firepower by adding to its extensive vehicle selection with new destructive tanks and planes for War Thunders ten million players to enjoy.

Two more tanks from the 1960’s era roll in, the American M60A1 will be the top-tank of the US medium tank tree and the formidable Soviet T-62 will be the top-tank of the USSR medium tank tree. The American M60A1 provides good, aggressive gameplay for tankers that like a full on fight due to its frontal armour. This extends a degree of life expectancy to give players time to retreat or send one back down the pipe in kind while the enemy is busy reloading. The Russian T-62, although slower than the previous T-55, makes up for its lack of speed with its 115mm gun which is effective with any kind of shells and packs a huge punch.

The American Thunderbolt gets P-47N-15 modification in this latest update transforming it into one of the fastest piston-engine aircraft in the game. Easily maneuverable, even at high speed, this latest modification makes the plane one to experience.

Additional vehicles added include the German Sturmpanzer IV Brummbär, the Japanese Ki-100 – which provides a dangerous enemy for F6F4 Hellcats and even Mustangs – and the American tank M4A5, along with several updated models of aircraft.

‘The Road to Glory’ update also introduces a new crew feature for ground forces – ‘Reinforcement’. Tankers who have lost one or more crew members in the battle can call a new crew member as a replacement. In Arcade mode players can call a new soldier in any part of the map, providing at least one crew member is still alive. In Realistic and Simulation modes players face the challenge of only being able to call in reinforcements when they are on a capture point. In staying with the true, accurate nature of War Thunder, players must wait for repairs or reinforcements to arrive before they can move again.

Additionally, an updated system of squadron clan battles has been added, providing squadron fighters with seasons that last two months. At the end of each season the top 20 squadrons will receive anywhere from 3,000 to 30,000 Golden Eagles based on overall ranking and the top 100 squadrons will be able to receive additional rewards, such as unique decals, 3D decals and other ensigns.

Lastly, the “Operation S.U.M.M.E.R.”, which kicked off Friday, July 22 and concludes August 21, allows players to complete different tasks in the game to earn unique vehicles: the M3 Grant and two absolutely new ones – the Soviet experimental tank KV-220 and an American fighter aircraft, the F7F-3.

Motorsport Manager Features: Master the Tech Video

August 3, 2016 – Playsports Games has released a second video in their “Master the Tech” series featuring Mike Fryatt, Community Manager for their upcoming sports management sim, Motorsport Manager.

Just like in a top-tier race team, your car is in a constant state of evolution – you can’t coast though a season with the same car setup, nor can you ignore moving resources into the development of next year’s car. In our second video in the series, we show you that it’s down to you to master the technology, to give your team the best possible chance to win.

To check out the new feature video for Motorsport Manager, please visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_t6souFR8Eo

For more information about Motorsport Manager™, log on to http://www.motorsportmanager.com.

Follow us on social media for game updates and general motorsport chat at http://www.twitter.com/playmotorsport and http://www.facebook.com/playmotorsport

Vikings – Wolves of Midgard Announcement Teaser

Ridgewood, NJ – August 3, 2016Sharpen your axe and ready your clan for war – the first trailer for Kalypso Media’s upcoming Action RPG Vikings – Wolves of Midgard is here. The new trailer showcases the brutal hand-to-hand combat and devastating magical spells that Viking warriors and Shieldmaidens will unleash in early 2017, alongside a brief taste of the stunning locations and gruesome enemies that players will face as you rebuild your village and protect your clan from mythological enemies and the Norse end-of-times – Ragnarok.

Alongside the new trailer, Kalypso Media is excited to announce the launch of a Steam pre-purchase promotion. Early adopters can secure themselves a 15% discount for Vikings – Wolves of Midgard along with an exclusive pack containing an additional outfit for both male and female warriors, consisting of an additional tattoo, hairstyle and clan symbol, as well as a new beard style for male characters and tribal jewelry for female characters. Also included is a digital art book showcasing a range of stunning illustrations and paintings, and a digital soundtrack featuring the game’s sweeping, atmospheric musical score.

Submerge Becomes Subsiege and Gets New Publisher


August 3, 2016 – Subsiege – previously known as Submerge – is an online strategy game based on the Unreal Engine which requires skilled controls and complex tactical knowledge. The game is set in a refreshing and visually stunning deep sea setting. Subsiege is a new approach to the modern MOBA/RTS playstyle and combines classic RTS with competitive MOBA-gameplay. The aim is to create a challenging and rewarding gaming experience that demands elaborate maneuvers, skilled reactions and predictive strategies.

The main attraction of Subsiege, when compared to other representatives of the classic MOBA genre, is that you have to control multiple units simultaneously while keeping your eye on the pressure level of your shrinking oxygen resources.

Barricading yourself isn’t an option as you are only able to get hold of the essential resource through active scouting and offensive plays. Command your handpicked squad in an RTS-style while fighting off other players on persistent servers. But it’s not all about your rivals… the sunken battlegrounds hold their own dangers: Toxic coral reefs, lethal fauna and deadly creatures of the depths handicap those travelling underwater.

More info about Subsiege will be available soon.