Get your hands on the future! Today, Owlchemy Labs launched Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator for Apple Vision Pro. Job Simulator can be purchased on the visionOS App Store for $19.99 USD, and Vacation Simulator for $29.99 USD.

“Owlchemy Labs has always been committed to pioneering hand tracking technology and putting our games on the most innovative platforms,” Andrew Eiche, CEOwl at Owlchemy Labs, said. “Bringing Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator to Apple Vision Pro feels like the most natural manifestation of our goals. The fully immersive environments look stunning on Apple Vision Pro, and the games have been optimized for the hand- and eye-tracking capabilities of the platform.”

Job Simulator is set in a world where robots have replaced all human jobs. Humans who want a throwback to the old days of working can sign up for a series of job simulations—with a few humorous interpretations of how humans used to work. Job Simulator on Apple Vision Pro includes the Infinite Overtime free content update, allowing players to work a never-ending night shift with endless tasks for each job. Since its launch in 2016, Job Simulator has become a breakout hit, earning high critical praise and selling more than 1 million copies.

Vacation Simulator takes players to “Vacation Island” where the robots discover the true meaning of “time off.” The island is complete with everything a simulated dream vacation needs, including activity-rich destinations and a colorful cast of bots. Vacation Simulator on Apple Vision Pro includes the “Back to Job” free content update, putting players behind Vacation Island’s Poolside Cabana to serve vacationing Bots. Since its launch, Vacation Simulator has joined Job Simulator with more than 1 million copies sold, making Owlchemy Labs the first studio to have multiple platinum VR exclusive titles.

After nearly four years of improving on their experimental hand tracking, Owlchemy has exited the ‘experimental’ phase and is offering the most up-to-date version of Owlchemy’s Hand Tracking for both Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator. Both games are now playable from start to finish with hands-only on Meta Quest. This update enables better movements and organic interactions making both games feel more intuitive and natural while playing without controllers on Quest.

Check out the websites for Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator for more information about each game.

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