Premium graphic novel and games publisher Magnetic Press has announced the launch date for their pre-order campaign for the official tabletop Role-Playing Game based on 20th Century Studios’ world-renowned property, THE PLANET OF THE APES, along with details about campaign-exclusive offerings, to be hosted by popular platform Kickstarter.

Developed by a team of award-winning writers and game designers led by acclaimed writer/designer Andrew E.C. Gaska, this roleplaying game will include material inspired by the canon established in the original five-film series, with brand new lore and adventures added to the original, sprawling science fiction universe.

PLANET OF THE APES: THE ROLE-PLAYING GAME will be available for pre-order on Kickstarter soon with numerous pre-order incentives and exclusive items that will only be available through this event. Such exclusive offerings include additional gaming materials, new miniature gameplay piece sets, physical in-world artifacts to assist roleplay, and bonus gameplay enhancements that will not be available in retail.

This new tabletop RPG will consist of four primary components, starting with the hardcover CORE RULEBOOK, which features cover artwork by legendary artist Bill Sienkiewicz. This deluxe 300+ page volume contains all of the rules, statistics, and lore necessary to introduce new players to the world of Planet of the Apes while a separate sourcebook, THE ANSA FILES, will provide references and resources specific to the classic films and novels. Two limited-edition Slipcase Sets of the two hardcovers will be available exclusively through the campaign featuring unique textured casing in one of two collectible colors.

In addition to these hardcover books, the FORBIDDEN ZONE Campaign Adventure Box will contain an assortment of supplemental tools and content to help players explore this dangerous world. Contents will include a campaign adventure book, unique maps and player markers, a set of 12 thematic “Alpha and Omega” 6-sided dice, a 3-panel LAWGIVER Reference Screen with handy tables, and a deck of game statistics cards.

To further immerse players into this adventurous world, the campaign will showcase the RUINS OF TOMORROW Miniatures Set of plastic playing pieces that will only be available directly from Magnetic Press. These detailed game pieces capture the various character types, both ape and human, for strategic tabletop gameplay. Additional sets of plastic playing pieces will be revealed throughout the campaign as unlockable “stretch goals.” Such unlockable additions include the ANSA astronaut spaceship, a Statue of Liberty dice tower, and many other character types and locations featured in the original films. Unlike the two core rulebooks, these plastic gameplay expansions will not be available at retail.

Fans are encouraged to visit to pre-register for the upcoming campaign and to receive an exclusive linen cardstock art print of the cover by Bill Sienkiewicz added to their pre-order for free.

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