NACON and Artefacts Studio are pleased to announce that Crown Wars: The Black Prince is now available for PC, PS5™ and Xbox Series X|S. This new turn-based tactics and strategy game developed by Artefacts Studio, the creator of the hit title The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet of Chaos (highly rated by players, with 88% positive reviews on Steam), has just shared its launch trailer.

Crown Wars: The Black Prince takes place during the 100 Years’ War, which pits several royal families against each other in bloody conflicts, the outcome of which will determine who dons the crown of the most powerful kingdom in the West. The game brings its own unique twist to this mediaeval setting: a story tinged with touches of dark fantasy and occult forces, the influence of which is reflected in the gameplay.

With six classes to choose from, players can define their own combat strategy by forming a squad combining physical power and exceptional skills. The varied profiles of each character also enable them to build an army with an identity of its own.

Crown Wars: The Black Prince aims to pay tribute to the turn-based tactics and strategy game genre, and sets out to adhere to the codes dear to the player community, including:

  • A system of cover, positioning and skills combinations, where it is important to make good use of the terrain and surroundings

  • Complex turn-based tactical situations

  • A host of main and secondary objectives to complete

  • A wide variety of weapons to choose from and develop, depending on soldier class and the strategy employed

  • More than 100 unlockable class skills and weapons, with numerous different applications (damage, slowing down, healing, etc.)

  • Numerous finishing move sequences available at the end of tough, brutal fights

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