Survival: Fountain of Youth, the single-player open-world survival crafting game set in the 16th-century Caribbean islands from developer Odinsoft and publisher Twin Sails Interactive, drops anchor for its 1.0 release on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store today. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions will follow later this year.

The 1.0 release caps off Survival: Fountain of Youth’s Early Access voyage with a treasure trove of content including Bimini Island, the fifth and final region. Discover new additions including quests, challenges, survival tasks, skill effects, perks, animals, weather types, achievements, a fearsome final boss, the Ark ship, quality-of-life updates, and this tale’s epic conclusion.

Join Juan Ponce de Leon’s legendary expedition to find the fabled Fountain of Youth and set sail for the Caribbean islands. Raging storms render the crew shipwrecked and scattered across the mysterious archipelago. Survive the unforgiving elements and battle wildlife using skill and what little the islands have to offer. Establish a base, collect materials, craft equipment, manage resources, and uncover the secrets of the mythical Fountain of Youth.

Explore the islands in search of supplies, surviving crew members, and a means to escape. Harvest trees and stones to cobble makeshift structures, rafts, tools, and weapons. Discover raw materials and upgrade to cabins, full-fledged ships, and even firearms. Hunt down local fauna from chickens to buffalo, or fight for survival against blood-thirsty predators like jackals, sharks, and pumas.

New and returning survivalists will be able to experience the final region of Bimini Island, a new ship called the Ark functioning as a fully mobile base, and fresh recipes including grenades, iron armor, trophies, and more. Face the final boss, a natural-born killer ready to protect the island’s most prized possession. The implementation of an advanced customizable difficulty system empowers explorers to choose between a tough-as-nails or casual experience.

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