Jyamma Games formally invites players to a never-ending performance of nefarious nature in Enotria: The Last Song with the news that pre-orders for PC and PlayStation 5 are now live, with Xbox Series X|S following soon. In this action-packed RPG, you are the only entity not bound by a prewritten fate. Utilize the unique system of masks to assume various roles with special abilities, confront formidable foes, and challenge the Authors of your world’s script.

Ahead of the June Steam Next Fest, an 8-hour demo will be available on PlayStation 5 and PC starting on May 22nd. In addition to the news of the demo, Enotria: The Last Song will now be released on September 19, 2024, on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Step into a world where your actions reshape the narrative. In Enotria: The Last Song, adopt the masks of defeated enemies to harness their strengths, navigate through a gorgeously menacing Italian-inspired landscape, and utilize the Ardore to dynamically shift the world around you. This game offers unparalleled flexibility in gameplay, allowing you to tailor your character and strategy in real-time, providing a fresh, challenging experience for even the most seasoned Soulslike gamers.

The Enotria: The Last Song demo experience starts in Quinta, the City of Actors. As the Mask of Change, players will face the Authors, formidable foes that created the Canovaccio, a twisted eternal play that keeps the world in an unnatural stasis. Weave your parries together as you fluidly swap between three customizable loadouts on the fly to take down the most challenging of enemies.

The demo will have 4 distinct weapon classes, each with a variety of unique weapons and 6 unique masks to discover that bring with them devastating new playstyles and distinctive passive abilities. Augment different playstyles by choosing from over 20 spells and 30 perks to make your Mask of Change build your own.

Starting today, those eager to end Canovaccio beyond the demo can pre-order either the Standard or Deluxe Edition of Enotria: The Last Song on Epic Games Store and PlayStation 5 with Xbox Series X|S pre-orders opening up soon. Depending on which edition players pre-order, they will be granted 72 hours of early access, in-game upgrade materials, cosmetic weapon skins, and much more.

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