This April Fools, developer Frozen District beckons your inner child to embrace a beloved childhood game in an entirely new mode within House Flipper 2. Transform your house, moving furniture to create paths from the kitchen through the dining room to the bedrooms upstairs, all without setting a foot on the ground. And don’t worry—unlike in real life, in House Flipper 2, you’re all clear to cause chaos with zero risk of eviction. Check out the new House Flipper 2 “Floor is Lava” mode on Steam, now available at no additional cost for game owners.

3…2…1… Race!

Did you cherish playing Floor is Lava in your younger days? It was about mastering your moves, achieving perfect balance, and designing the ultimate furniture layout to navigate the house flawlessly. The stakes were high. Each jump, too long or too short, every rushed move could spell the difference between triumph and tumbling. But now, House Flipper 2 invites you to cast seriousness aside with this whimsical April Fools update. Design your personal “Floor is Lava” courses, challenge the clock for the top record, and unleash pure fun.

This separate mode within House Flipper 2 allows for complete freedom to select, edit, and race through courses tailored to your liking. Whether it’s within houses you already own or constructing a dedicated “Floor is Lava” playground, the only limit is your imagination. Share your courses via the House Flipper 2 Content Hub, challenge friends to beat your time, or let the entire community in on your creation.

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