Today, SQUARE ENIX® announced FOAMSTARS™, the recently released online 4v4 foam party shooter, will launch its newest season, “GROOVY DISCO”, on March 8, 2024, at 5pm PST. New and returning players will soon have access to a new character, new modes, and a variety of new Free and Premium cosmetic content. FOAMSTARS is now available as a February PlayStation® Plus monthly game and PlayStation Plus subscribers can redeem, download, and play the game at no extra cost until March 4, 2024.

Season Two GROOVY DISCO is the second season of FOAMSTARS and will be available to all players beginning March 8, 2024, at 5pm PST, until April 12, 2024, at 5pm PST.

Season Two updates and highlights include:

  • A New FOAMSTAR Slides into the Party: Unlock and compete with the newest FOAMSTAR, “Coiff Guy“, teased in the Happy FriYAY Party event from Season One Starry Pop. “Coiff Guy” can be acquired by all players for free as a Tier 31 reward for the Season Pass or can be obtained immediately by purchasing the Premium Pass.
  • More FOAMSTAR Missions: Missions 4-6 have been added to FOAMSTAR Missions. Experience even more of the individual stories of the FOAMSTARS, learning more about their backgrounds and how to play as each character in the process and go head-to-head in a boss battle against “Dark Ramzey” in Mission 6.

The season will also feature the following limited-timed events:

  • Ranked Party: Rise in the FOAMSTARS ranks by competing in two limited-time seasonal events, the solo player-based Ranked Party Lonestar and team-based Ranked Party Tribe-Vibe. There are seven ranks to progress though – Bronze Star, Silver Star, Gold Star, Platinum Star, Diamond Star, Superstar and Party Legend. Earning enough Rank Points allows players to take part in the Rank-Up Trials.
  • Extreme Party: Challenge players in two special themed modes; the All Coiff Guy Party – where every player team competes to chill opponent teams as Coiff Guy, and the Super Duel Party, where players battle 1-on-1!
  • Happy FriYAY Party: A weekend-only party event with no winners or losers, just the opportunity to try-out next season’s FOAMSTAR.

Seasonal Event Dates*

  • Ranked Party Lonestar
    • Ranked Party Lonestar Dates: March 11, 2024, until March 28, 2024
  • Ranked Party Tribe-Vibe
    • April 4, 2024, Sunday, until April 7, 2024
  • Extreme Party – All Coiff Guy Party
    • March 22, 2024, until March 24, 2024
  • Extreme Party – Super Duel Party
    • March 29, 2024, until March 31, 2024
  • Happy FriYAY Party
    • Event Timings: First Half
      • March 14, 2024, and March 16, 2024
    • Event Timings: Second Half
      • April 4, 2024, and April 5, 2024

* Timings are PST. For local event timings, please visit the FOAMSTARS website and social channels

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