VRKiwi, Cream Productions, and Les Stroud Enterprises are delighted to announce Survivorman VR: The Descent is now available on PlayStation VR2 and Steam for PC VR-compatible headsets. Combining tense gameplay with real-life wilderness knowledge from Les Stroud, this is a true test for survival game fans and would-be adventurers.

Based on the Discovery Channel’s popular, long-running TV series, Survivorman, you’re tasked with escaping from a mountaintop on the blisteringly dangerous Canadian Arctic before you freeze to death. Alone and initially armed with just your wits, let Survivorman star Les Stroud and his more than 30 years of real-life survival knowledge be your guide, allowing you to hunt, gather, craft, and carefully make your way across the frozen landscape and back to civilization.

In the immersive environment of Survivorman VR: The Descent, you will navigate dangerous terrain, gather precious resources, and solve difficult puzzles. You have a device attached to your wrist, presenting two crucial health metrics: your body temperature and calorie level. Keep these levels up, and you’ll continue to fight through the frost, making progress towards escape. But if they drop below a certain threshold, it could spell disaster, first causing detrimental health effects before you ultimately freeze to death.

Using resources you’ll find on top of the icy mountain range, you’ll craft improvised tools such as a paddle, snow shoes, and hunting traps to catch game. During this authentic adventure, including challenges based on actual threats experienced by Les Stroud, you’ll pick up real skills that you can use in your real life, should you ever need them.

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