Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus kicks off the new year with a bang, or a Rad blast from the Imperium’s newest champion. The Adeptus Mechanicus are not finished dominating the fields of battle after the invasion of the Tyranids. Controlling the tactical battlefield is critical in every campaign and Tan Gi’da, the Skitarii Marshal, brings laser accuracy to shooting and field commands.

If your forces need some inspiration, join the newly launched Battle Pass and unlock the righteous wrath of the Black Templar’s Ancient Thoread. Thoread holds the banner for these galactic crusaders who will meet any threat to the Imperium.

A new Guild Boss will soon enter the fray, challenging even the most astute tacticians to find its weakness. The Rogal Dorn Battle Tank rolls into battle as the first vehicular boss in Tacticus. Will you find the right tactics to survive and disable this juggernaut, featuring the Oppressor Cannon and thick armor? This Astra Militarum tank is hard to stop.

Game Highlights

  • Top-tier Warhammer 40,000 Mobile Game
  •  Over 3.5 Million Players fighting amongst the stars
  • Highly rated by players (4.5 out of 5 stars average rating on iOS and Android)
  • Easy to Join and Play with friends
  • Continued Updates and Content
  • Over 60 Champions and 15 Playable factions
  • Regular updates and content, including new Campaigns, Champions and Guild Bosses

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