ARROW kicks off the New Year on January 5 with a deep dive, courtesy of the star of The Stylist and After Midnight as well as the director of 12 HR Shift and Torn Hearts.

Brea Grant Selects (UK/ IRE/ US/CA): “I am thrilled to be teaming up with Arrow to share some of my all-time favorite horror movies with you. From the delightful to the horrifying, these movies remind me of why I wanted to make movies in the first place (yes, including Basket Case).”

Titles Include: Ringu, The Stylist, The Leech.

Also on January 5, audiences in every territory can discover a new short homage to the Spaghetti Westerns of years gone by.

They Call It… Red Cemetery (UK/IRE/US/CAN): Among the crosses of an old cemetery, two outlaws have a dispute over honor, companionship and greed.

On January 12, look back at genre-bending cinema history with Cult Classics (UK/ IRE/ US/CA).

ARROW have been championing Cult for over twenty years. They love everything that’s interesting and alternative and they think you will too. They’re going to show you what you’ve been missing. They’re going to show you that Cult is not just horror, it’s about alternative storytelling and iconic filmmaking. It’s about viewing that challenges you and that is not like what anyone else is offering.

Titles Include: Children of the Corn, Re-Animator, Hellraiser.

On January 15, prepare to be buried with a cultural icon, anti-establishment statement, sadistic lord of carnival horror in Inside the Mind of Coffin Joe: Part One (UK/ IRE/ US/CA). A host of Coffin Joe titles are available in Part One of the collection with brand new restorations.

With his iconic long fingernails, top hat and cape, Zé do Caixão (Coffin Joe) was the creation of Brazilian filmmaker José Mojica Marins, who wrote, directed and starred in a series of outrageous movies from 1964 to 2008.

An unholy undertaker in search of the perfect woman to propagate his bloodline, Zé do Caixão made his screen debut with the first Brazilian-produced horror film, At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul. Three years later, his quest would continue in This Night I’ll Possess Your Corpse, with Zé embarking on an even more brutal campaign of terror, aided and abetted by his hunchbacked assistant.

The Strange World of Coffin Joe, meanwhile, is an anthology of three short horror films featuring a strange dollmaker, a necrophiliac balloon seller with a foot fetish, and a psychotic professor involved in sadistic rituals. Sex, perversion and sadism abound in The Awakening of the Beast as a psychiatrist experiments on four volunteers with Lsd in this surreal examination of 60s drug culture.

Diverging from horror toward satirical black comedy, The End of Man sees a naked stranger emerge from the sea to perform miracles in a nearby town and become a modern messiah whose deeds will affect the whole world.

Newly restored from the best available elements and packed with new and archival extras, Inside the Mind of Coffin Joe is a love letter to one of the great iconoclasts of horror, who forged his films in the face of military dictatorship and religious censorship to become Brazil’s national Boogeyman. Keep your eyes peeled for Part Two.

Titles Include: At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul, This Night I’ll Possess Your Corpse, The Awakening of the Beast.


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