Today, Darkpaw Games launched EverQuest’s 30th expansion: Laurion’s Song, allowing players to unravel the mystery that is the Realm of Heroes

A door appears in the Plane of Tranquility. The heroes of Norrath walk through to find a warm and cozy-looking building. Light from the windows illuminates a clearing in a forest. Music and voices as well as the tantalizing smell of cooking meat and mead drift in the air. The inn’s presence invites adventurers to rest and revel after exhausting and dangerous exploits.

Welcome to the Realm of Heroes, the place where the greatest heroes go when their adventures are over. Nobody remembers the last time anyone entered or left this place. Can you discover what the mystery is that lies under the façade of comfort and revelry?

Laurion’s Song brings new lands for players to discover such as the Ankexfen Keep, a formidable goblin stronghold hidden in the icy north of Norrath. The cold, snowy landscape contrasts with the fort’s imposing presence. The entire structure and those that inhabit it exude intimidation and a dark sense of vitality.

Players can also experience alternate personas, swapping to another class while retaining their characteristics such as name, inventory, bank, crafting skills, and keying.

This expansion is available through the following expansion packages: Family & Friends for $249.99, Premium for $139.99, Collector’s for $69.99, and Standard Edition for $34.99.

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