Developer Wondernaut Studio and publisher CRITICAL REFLEX have announced Ironhive, a new deck-building strategy game in development on PC. Revealed during the PC Gaming Show, Ironhive challenges players to survive a harsh, dystopian future through an interconnected system of deck building, city building, crafting, exploration, resource management, and more. Build your colony, ensure the survival of your people, and create a legacy that will be passed on to the next generations. As the Ironlord, you are their only remaining hope.

The world as we know it ended hundreds of years ago. “The Great Collapse” saw the fall of humanity. With time, surviving groups began to establish new settlements-fortress-cities called “Ironhives.”

As the leader of an Ironhive, you will build your colony, lead your people, explore the world around you, and do everything in your power to withstand the harsh challenges of your hostile world. Every decision will contribute to building your Legacy, acquiring Cultural Traits that will affect subsequent colonies.

Key Features

  • Rebuild Your Home. Elevate housing, utility, social, production, and defense buildings.
  • Corrupted by Choices. Use your cards to maintain your Ironhive’s Stability through every season.
  • Explore the Wasteland. Send out expeditions in search of vital resources, technologies and more.
  • Take On the Harsh World’s Challenges. Make decisions through interconnected narrative events, telling a different story with each playthrough.
  • Secure Your Legacy. Register your legacy in the Book of Ashes and choose cultural traits that will influence your next colonies.
  • Thick Atmosphere & Beautiful Visuals. Ironhive takes inspiration from Avery Alder’s The Quiet Year and Simon Stålenhag’s The Labyrinth.

The Brazil-based team at Wondernaut comes from a variety of backgrounds, sharing a mission to create rich worlds and tell extraordinary stories. Inspired by the intersection between board games and RPGs, they began to develop Ironhive in 2022 at BIG Festival’s game jam, gaining enough praise both from the judges and the community to pursue expanding the game.

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