Boat Crew, a captivating action-strategy game immersed in the tumultuous setting of the Pacific War, proudly announces MicroProse as their publishing partner.

Developed by Tabbing Tabby, Boat Crew presents a dynamic, open campaign where players’ decisions intricately weave the game’s narrative. Engaging gamers to balance tactical precision with strategic finesse, the game enables the customization of boats and care for crew members amidst the challenges of wartime action.

Boat Crew’s gameplay spans scripted challenge missions and a dynamic campaign. In challenges, players fulfil objectives to succeed, while the Campaign’s victory hinges on accumulating Victory Points, earned by strategic conquests and significant target eliminations. This flexible approach empowers players to shape their journey across the Solomon Islands’ battleground.

Inspired by the Mosquito Fleet of WWII, each combat encounter in Boat Crew poses dangers and opportunities for players, emphasizing tactical brilliance over sheer firepower. The game caters to those seeking asymmetrical challenges, naval enthusiasts, and players drawn to the allure of being the underdog amidst formidable odds.  While steeped in historical inspiration, Boat Crew offers a dynamic campaign that diverges from strict historical accuracy, providing players with varied choices rather than adhering to a predetermined historical progression.

  • Dynamic & Open Campaign: Boat Crew offers a dynamically open campaign where player decisions intricately shape the narrative. Raiding enemy bases, protecting allies, and engaging in daring missions across the Solomon Islands influence the course of the war, providing players with diverse, impactful choices in their strategic conquests.
  • Tactical Depth & Strategy: Balancing tactical acumen with strategic prowess, players navigate the challenging wartime environment, customizing their boats and effectively managing their crew to overcome powerful adversaries. The game emphasizes maneuvering and better tactics over sheer firepower, presenting an engaging challenge for players seeking asymmetrical gameplay.
  • Historical Inspiration: Inspired by the Mosquito Fleet of WWII, Boat Crew immerses players in the perilous Pacific War. Each combat encounter with the lightly armored PT Boat poses dangers and opportunities, inviting players to relish in the underdog role, overcome unfavorable odds, and strategically retreat to live to fight another day.
  • Accessible Realism: Rooted in historical context but not bound by strict historical accuracy, Boat Crew offers a dynamic campaign diverging from linear historical progression. This approach grants players the freedom to make impactful choices, sacrificing strict historical fidelity for a more diverse and player-driven experience.
  • Engaging Crew Management: Beyond naval battles, players must manage their crew, balancing risk assessment and caring for the team’s well-being. Boat Crew caters to players drawn to leadership roles, where nurturing the crew’s skills and making tactical decisions define the path to victory amidst the chaos of war.

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