The new DJI Osmo Pocket 3 is a compact camera that offers impressive image quality, video stabilization, and features. It is a significant upgrade over its predecessor, the Osmo Pocket 2, with a larger sensor, dual native ISO system, 4K/60fps video recording, and HorizonSteady mode.

The Pocket 3’s 1-inch sensor allows for better low-light performance and sharper images overall. The dual native ISO system further reduces noise in low-light conditions. The Pocket 3 can also shoot in 4K/60fps, which is ideal for capturing fast-paced action footage. I have never used such a portable camera with this kind of capability. The Pocket 3 is a literal game changer for content creators.

DJI’s Pocket 3 features DJI’s new ActiveTrack 6.0 stabilization system, keeping your footage smooth and stable even when moving. The new HorizonSteady mode keeps your footage level even when tilting the camera, making it ideal for shooting while walking, running, or on uneven surfaces. The camera can automatically track your face when set into selfie mode (where the camera rotates around to face the creator). This means you can walk and VLOG without worrying whether or not you are staying in frame. Better yet, you can now look directly at the camera instead of constantly checking the monitor just in case.

The Pocket 3 has a similar design to the Pocket 2, but it is slightly larger and heavier due to the new sensor and other internal components. It is still very portable and can easily be carried in your pocket. The Pocket 3 also features a new touchscreen display, which is larger and brighter than the display on the Pocket 2. The included hard case is very similar to the previous cameras and works well in keeping the camera protected from direct impact. The case even has small magnetic attachment points to store the Wide Angle and Black Mist Pro filter lenses while on the go. You can even keep the DJI Mic 2 transmitter on the case to keep everything altogether.

The Creator Combo

The Creator Combo includes a number of accessories that make the Pocket 3 even more versatile, including a magnetic wide-angle lens, a wireless microphone system (the DJI Mic 2), a battery handle, and a tripod. The wide-angle lens gives you a wider field of view, which is great for shooting landscapes or group photos. The wireless microphone system allows you to record high-quality audio without worrying about wires. The battery handle provides extended battery life and also makes it easier to hold the camera steady. The tripod is great for shooting static shots or for time-lapses.

Speaking of the DJI Mic 2 – you get one transmitter with the Pocket 3 that automatically connects to the camera proper – no receiver unit needed. It’s a nearly effortless way of getting high quality wireless audio into your content. Even cooler is that the DJI Mic 2 transmitter unit stores a copy of your audio on the transmitter itself. This way, if you lose connection to the Pocket 3 for some reason, you will still be able to get your audio file.

Overall, the DJI Osmo Pocket 3 is an excellent compact camera with impressive image quality, video stabilization, and features. The Creator Combo is especially worth considering if you need additional accessories. This camera is a literal game changer for content creators and professionals. I can’t say enough good things about it! The DJI Pocket 3 itself retails for $519 while the Creator Combo sells for $669 on DJI’s official website.

Overall Rating 5 out of 5

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