Thermaltake, the leading PC DIY premium brand for Case, Power, Cooling, Gaming peripherals, and enthusiast Memory solutions, is excited to announce the launch of The Tower 200 Bumblebee Mini Chassis, a new-color version of the beloved The Tower series. The Tower 200 is a mini-ITX case with a vertical case design and exceptional thermal efficiency. Though this chassis comes in a compact size, it can support the length of a 4090 graphics card and a 280mm radiator. With the addition of a new vibrant yellow hue, The Tower 200 series now comes in six colors: Black, Snow, Turquoise, Racing Green, Matcha Green, and Bumblebee, allowing you to easily choose an ideal The Tower 200 to fit your style.

The Tower 200 Bumblebee has the same vertical body design as its predecessors, providing users more space flexibility with its smaller footprint. Like the productive spirit of a bumblebee, The Tower 200 Bumblebee is a tiny but mighty case that offers superior hardware support and exceptional cooling performance. The Tower 200 can accommodate a graphics card with a length of up to 380mm such as the latest 4090 GPU and a standard-size power supply of up to 220mm, enabling you to choose the high-performance components you want. Additionally, The Tower 200 can house a CPU cooler with a maximum height of 200mm, support an AIO radiator up to 280mm, and is preinstalled with two CT140 PC Cooling Fans, allowing The Tower 200 Bumblebee to maintain a low interior temperature at all times.

Whether you are in gaming, video editing, or just daily use, the bright exterior color of The Tower 200 Bumblebee can inspire your courage and confidence, enabling you to reach your desired goals with fully positive energy. To be more visually pleasing with The Tower 200 Bumblebee, the fantastic inner components can easily be displayed through the tempered glass front panel. You also can make The Tower 200 Bumblebee more interactive with the separately sold LCD Panel Kit. The 3.9” LCD display can show components’ real-time information, time, and weather. Besides, you can personalize your LCD display by uploading any images or GIFs through the TT RGB Plus 2.0 software.

The Tower 200 Bumblebee is a tiny but mighty chassis, like a bumblebee. If you are a compact chassis lover who would like to achieve outstanding cooling performance, hardware support, and visual aesthetics at the same time, don’t miss out on The Tower 200 Bumblebee Mini Chassis!

The Tower 200 Bumblebee-

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