Conquer, scheme, expand, flourish, ascend! Step into an enthralling world on the cusp of change in House of Legacy, as developer S3 Studio and publisher Thermite Games revealed today both the Steam page and the very first teaser trailer of their latest 4X sandbox strategy game. Take on the role of a visionary leader striving to carve their own path to power amidst the chaos of rebel forces breaching ancient city walls.

As the cool embrace of early autumn sets in and rebel forces threaten the very foundations of civilization, you find yourself leading your surviving kin on an arduous journey across a thousand miles. Seeking refuge in the last bastion of hope, a county seat untarnished by the chaos, you ignited the flames of a nascent dynasty.

House of Legacy offers unparalleled freedom of base-building, allowing you to shape your territory with boundless creativity. Assemble an array of building elements to fashion your empire from the very stones of your vision.

Navigate a labyrinth of relations, alliances, and vendettas with an expansive cast of characters from dozens of noble houses, all through an arsenal of interactive means and a tapestry of unfolding events. Ascend the ranks of a realistic officialdom system, mirroring the intricate web of promotions, rivalries, and administrative acumen from ancient times.

Wield the sword of strategy, lead your legions into battle, and quell insurgencies to ensure the throne stands firm. Forge your legacy amidst the tapestry of time, carving out an estate, nurturing generations, and adapting your clan to the winds of change. Mold and rejuvenate ancestral lands, overseeing the various industries that sustain your lineage.

Bestow your clan members with knowledge, wed them to other houses, and propel your kin to greatness, whether by the ink of imperial exams or the steel of battlefields. Cooperation and conflict with rival houses, including the indomitable royal lineage, are woven into the very fabric of your destiny.

When the mantle of leadership falls upon your shoulders, the canvas of your domain awaits your masterful strokes. Create, dismantle, and reassemble the buildings within your fief as you see fit. Govern your realm with wisdom, presiding over matters both administrative and contentious. Will you be a just ruler or a master of manipulation?

“House of Legacy promises to be a compelling and immersive experience that will challenge players to make critical decisions”, says Xia, the leading producer, “You will engage in complex diplomacy, and demonstrate your strategic brilliance and management competence in a world teetering on the brink of chaos.”

Prepare to embark on a journey of epic proportions and establish your dynasty in a world where power, glory, and survival are at stake. Wishlist House of Legacy on Steam to stay tuned for the latest information. To learn more about the game, please follow them on Twitter/X and join their Discord.

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