Skybound Entertainment, the creator-led, multi-platform entertainment company, in collaboration with Universal Games and Digital Platforms, today announced Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood – based on the Universal Pictures and Skybound produced horror comedy film, Renfield – is now available. Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood, is developed by Skybound partner Mega Cat Studios and is available now on Steam for $3.99 during a special publisher 25% off Steam launch sale through October 2, after which it will retail for $4.99.

In the game, inspired by the events of the movie, Dracula has tasked you with a simple job – do everything he wants you to do for the rest of his immortal life. Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood immerses players into the Renfield universe with one-touch gameplay that innovates on the familiar roguelite recipe and takes inspiration from extraction shooter games. Updated and additional features now available in the full release include:

  •   New playable characters, including Dracula himself!
  •   Fight off enemies with powerful new weapons including dueling pistols and the Marble Cat statue.
  •   New “Challenge Rooms” add risk/reward decisions. Do you play it safe and stick to a route of vanilla rooms? Or do you jump into a harder room and risk it all for more loot?
  •   Two new stages to play, including Dracula’s Castle.
  •   Companions can now be unlocked and upgraded at the shop! These minions are unlocked through special rooms and will remain with you throughout your run.
  •   Battle brand new enemies such as Cannoneer, Honest Abe, Flintlocker, Saboteur and Gatling Gunner.
  •   New accessibility features including Color Blind mode and haptic feedback.
  •   New “Nightmare mode” where difficulty is increased and players will have to use all of their skills to survive.

It’s a demanding gig, but the benefits are great – immortality, mystic powers, and a high-fiber diet of mostly insects. Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood, is a single player adventure that combines the simplicity of one-touch gameplay with frenetic, room-based action for a new roguelite experience. With unique stages, dozens of enemies, diabolical bosses, and enough weapons for a bug-powered bloody rampage, Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood, is the only game that shows you the ups and downs of being the lackey/employee of the worst boss in history – Dracula.

The simple controls allow players to clear rooms filled with frenetic action while environmental objects and collectibles will create new split-decision moments as players pick their path through hordes of enemies. Players will also encounter Dracula’s constant and hilarious fetch quest demands that parallel the storyline from the movie.

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