Gas Station Simulator, the critically acclaimed management game from developer and publisher DRAGO entertainment, dives into clear blue seas with the “Tidal Wave” DLC coming to PC via Steam in 2024. In addition to the “Tidal Wave” news, Gas Station Simulator also received the Employee Content Update today.

Enjoy a tropical twist to an already exhilarating Gas Station Simulator experience. Harness the vibes of a cool ocean breeze while managing a local gas station and becoming immersed in a sizzling and laidback island paradise. Engage in completely new mechanics that include scuba diving, surfboard rentals, shark threats, god appeasement, and more. Earn extra cash by taking on multiple challenges and keeping customers satisfied in this new DLC that expands the Gas Station Simulator universe.

Key features: 

  • Pay Attention To The God’s Mood – Endure the wrath and benevolence of Chunchumanchu with the extremely volatile Volcano Meter. This unique gauge serves as a direct reflection of the god’s temperament. As time passes or customer dissatisfaction mounts, Chunchumanchu’s anger will grow, bringing unexpected challenges to your island oasis.
  • Keep Up The Harmony – Balance the island’s precarious harmony by leaving offerings at the altar. Toss coconuts, shells, or other items into the caldera to appease Chunchumanchu. Each action carries a distinct impact on lowering the god’s fury and preserving your business.
  • Expand At Your Own Volition – In the Tidal Wave DLC, players will have the opportunity to freely expand their Gas Station empire. No objective limitations – just you and your funds.
  • Face Severe Consequences – Fail to maintain the god’s favor and prepare for a cataclysmic eruption that transforms the island paradise into a fiery hellscape. Business will grind to a halt and customers will flee in terror. Can you keep Chunchumanchu at bay?
  • Mortal Business Logic – Construct the Gas Station and other structures wisely. Neglecting proper maintenance can lead to accidents, resulting in the escalation of Chunchumanchu’s fierce rage. Monitor equipment durability carefully to minimize risks.
  • Engage In Different Activities – Diversify your inventory by providing scuba gear and surfboard rentals. Exercise caution, equipment neglect can lead to accidents that will directly affect the Volcano meter’s sporadic mood swings.
  • Combat Underwater Threats – A lurking shark adds an element of danger, as it occasionally targets your paying customers. Quickly react by throwing objects or deploying underwater mines to protect patrons and profits.
  • Experience Even More – Fuel jet skis, receive cargo by boat, and prepare for unexpected weather phenomena such as gray sandstorms and thunder, making each day on the island a new challenge.

DRAGO entertainment, known for their highly successful simulator titles, are happy to announce the launch of the Employee Content Update, now available. The new update adds two new employees, a scheduling system, and the ability to prioritize tasks.

The Tidal Wave DLC will be available on PC via Steam later in 2024. Price is still yet to be determined, but if you want to stay up-to-date with the latest news, make sure to follow DRAGO entertainment on Twitter and Facebook. For more details regarding the DLC head over to the recently revealed Steam page.

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