Animal lovers and property management enthusiasts can rejoice as Developer Ancient Forge Studio and publisher Frozen District announce the release of the highly anticipated Pets DLC for The Tenants, available now on Steam. This exciting expansion introduces a new dimension to the game, allowing players to craft pet-friendly homes and cater to a wide array of adorable animals.
Paws and Play the Trailer!

A Haven for Pet Lovers

In the Pets DLC, players can expand their property empires by welcoming a variety of charming creatures, from dogs and cats to raccoons, mini pigs, parrots, fish, hamsters, and much more. Beyond finding suitable homes for human tenants, players now have the unique opportunity to foster meaningful relationships between the tenants and their cherished pets. Strengthen bonds by interacting with pets, playing games, offering treats, and ensuring your rental business thrives.

Unveil Your Creativity

The expansion includes over 500 new pet-friendly items and furniture pieces, enabling players to customize apartments to perfectly suit their tenants’ furry and feathered companions. With four new Elite Contracts to complete, players can demonstrate their expertise in creating ideal living spaces for pet owners. Additionally, players can undertake a mission to transform an old animal shelter into a pet paradise, where stray pets can find loving homes.

Unlock a Secret Prize

In addition to introducing a special mission, “Parrot Collector,” where players can unlock a secret prize by accomplishing unique objectives within the game, the Pets DLC includes new gifts, furniture, services, and sabotage options. Even a brand-new phone app for pet management!

The Tenants Pets DLC is out now on Steam available for USD 9,99 for those who already own the base game.

Start building your empire with a pet-friendly twist and witness the growth of your rental business as you cater to the needs of animal enthusiasts in the virtual world of Wondersville.

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