The Saramonic BlinkMe is a 2.4GHz wireless microphone system designed for content creators, filmmakers, and videographers. It is a lightweight and affordable system that offers excellent sound quality and a variety of features. The Saramonic BlinkMe is a very well-designed and built microphone system. The transmitters and receiver are all made of high-quality plastic and feel very durable. The transmitters are also very small and lightweight, making them easy to wear and conceal. Inside the box, Saramonic has seen fit to include a number of accessories to make your usage of the BlinkMe as smooth as possible. The biggest of these is a beautiful hard case for the system. Also included are some magnetic tabs to keep each transmitter attached to your shirt. Also included are some small windscreens for them as well, which will help to shield your recording from excessive wind noise. Saramonic also includes a number of cables, from the USB charging cord to 3.5 mm to TRS and TRRS cables. Overall, Saramonic has made an entirely buy-it-and-forget-it microphone system that you will love to use.

Each of the small transmitters has a 1-inch touchscreen display that makes it easy to set up and monitor the system. Each display is protected with a material called “Panda Glass” that is very durable, so scratching shouldn’t be an issue with most operations. The display shows the battery level, audio level, and recording mode. You can also use the touchscreen to adjust the gain, enable noise reduction, and lock the settings. The receiver is also very small and lightweight. It has a TRS output jack that can connect the system to a camera, smartphone, or other recording device. The receiver also has a headphone jack for monitoring the audio. Don’t let its portable size fool you, the Saramonic BlinkMe offers excellent sound quality for the price. Its built-in microphones are very sensitive and capture clear and natural audio. The built-in noise reduction also works very well, even in noisy environments. The battery life on each of the transmitters is up to 6 hours when the onboard recording is enabled and up to 8 hours when the onboard recording is disabled. The receiver has a battery life of up to 24 hours. If you are only using one of the transmitters, you can keep the other transmitter attached to the receiver so as not to lose it; and keep it within reach when you do need it.

The Saramonic BlinkMe is very easy to use. Simply power on the transmitters and receiver and they will automatically pair with each other. Once paired, you can start recording immediately. The Saramonic BlinkMe is also very versatile. It can be used with a variety of recording devices, including smartphones, cameras, and computers. It is also compatible with a variety of editing software.

At $249 US dollars, the Saramonic BlinkMe comes in under the price points of both the DJI Mic and RĂ˜DE Wireless GO II microphone systems – each of which offer similar functionality. Of course, Saramonic is not as well-known of a maker as the other two, but the BlinkMe is an excellent choice that is sure to increase brand awareness.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

An excellent wireless microphone system for content creators, filmmakers, and videographers: The Saramonic BlinkMe is lightweight, affordable, and offers excellent sound quality!

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