Independent game studio Jukai Studio and Versus Evil, one of the leading independent video game publishers, have today revealed an all new blog post digging into the lore of their upcoming mystery-driven psychological horror game Stray Souls ahead of its launch this Fall on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox Series consoles.

This entry, Unveiling the Shadows: The History & Legacy of Aspen Falls, dives into the shadowy history of the small midwestern town of Aspen Falls. Taken from remnants of an antique diary, this post offers insight into the secretive religious sect, the Society of Unified Silence, its clandestine “Inner Circle”, and the strange prophecy that governed its denizens’ ways.

More about Stray Souls:
Dive into the mind of Daniel, a teenage boy who inherits a home from his estranged grandmother. As he moves in, Daniel meets the enigmatic Martha who knows more about the house than he would expect. As night falls, dark secrets hiding within the dwelling and Daniel’s past come out of the woodworks – secrets Daniel cannot seem to outrun…

Stray Souls combines beloved elements of Japanese survival horror games with an array of new tricks, including a variety of randomized systems where enemy encounters, item placement, paranormal activity and even weather patterns are always changing so no two playthroughs are exactly the same. Using the power of Metahuman technology and Unreal Engine 5, characters and environments are authentically brought to life, throwing you straight into the dread and dismay of the narrative.

Stray Souls will launch this fall on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox Series consoles.

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