NACON and Sanuk Games are delighted to announce Nova Strike, a retro-style shoot’em up in which players control a spaceship fighting across the galaxy. With the roguelite-style progression system, pilots acquire skills that will be essential for completing the game’s increasingly challenging chapters.

Alone against everyone, players attack enemy bases and try to obliterate the space defences blocking their way. To do this, players must skilfully avoid enemy fire in the classic tradition of the bullet hell genre.

By defeating enemy squadrons, pilots earn points that can be spent on upgrading their firepower and defences to become more powerful. Players can use Nova Strike’s roguelite mechanics to customize their ship and test a variety of strategies. Furthermore, the seven levels of each chapter are procedurally generated, making each run a fresh challenge!

Nova Strike boasts a 2D pixel art design and an original soundtrack inspired by classic video game space shooters. This innovative game in NACON’s catalogue offers nostalgic gamers a contemporary version of the classic shoot’em up.

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