Tamarak Trail, the upcoming turn-based deck-building roguelike from Yarrow Games and Versus Evil, has received a new blog post going behind the scenes on the creation of its varied bestiary ahead of the game’s launch later this summer on PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox Series consoles.

This post offers a sneak peek at some of the scary monsters you’ll encounter on your travels. These range from rank and file mosquitos and ghost dogs to the more muscular Sluggards and Beetle Weasels. There’s even a first look at the game’s first boss, the dreaded Racoon Moose. Tamarak Trail’s Canadian folklore-inspired forests are brimming with dangers, so even the most minuscule threat could quickly become a force to be reckoned with, as your foes will work together, using their unique skills to heal each other, summon backup, and buff their companions.

These are just some of the monsters you’ll encounter on the trail; No two runs will be the same, so you may encounter more of one monster type versus the other. Remember, knowledge is only half the battle here. Strategy and dice customization will also go a long way!

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