Eresys is currently available on Steam as an early access release. It became available to play on April 20th 2023, as the developers look for feedback regarding gameplay. Eresys is currently the second Cthulhu game this developer has produced, following its 2022 release of The Shore. The developers Ares Dragonis have been very active on social media showing off the different stages of their developmental process. This has done well to gain a following and keep the target audience in the loop and keep the excitement flowing.

Find the pages!

Eresys currently only takes place on one level, a remote island, however new maps and modes are within the developers’ current roadmaps. You take on the role of a group of cultists (or cultist if you so choose solo play) in an attempt to face down and thwart the Lovecraftian horrors that have risen. Eresys being in early access has some minor graphical bugs in the environment, however this does little to pull away from what it could be. Atmosphere during your stay on the island is a bone-chilling, and frightful experience, as you search the nitty gritty spaces of darkness for spell pages and various artifacts of Cthulhu. As it stands you have access to only one set of objectives and one mission. During this time, it is recommended to take on the challenge with a friend or two as the fun from Eresys comes from the teamwork and shenanigans that ensue. Solo gameplay doesn’t quite have the same impact here.

Current Optimization. Optimization in Eresys will hopefully be touched upon in future updates, even with a more powerful machine I found screen-tearing to be persistent and monster attacks to slow down frame rates. This detracts from the overall immersion, with a few questionable graphical choices when monsters get too close. Currently Eresys standing alone is worth checking out to have some midnight monster mash fun with friends; but waiting on this one would be a good option as well.

Beware the dark!

Story. Eresys is similar to other games in its genre, and has an overarching objective told to you at the start. The impact of it right now isn’t too high as it feels like a cookie cutter copy paste mechanic. It doesn’t matter if they’re Lovecraftian horrors, or small bunnies you’re trying to stop. The only difference here is what I’m more scared of running away from. With it being the Cthulhu mythos there is ample media and stories to take inspiration from, but as of right now it doesn’t feel that the story is important, and doesn’t quite make it investful. Behind the story however, it shows the developers love for the Lovecraftian mythos in regards to trinkets and lore you can find and collect to view in the main hub area, whilst listening to small snippets of inspiration. This may be unpolished, but by no means is it a terrible experience overall.

Sound design so far is serviceable, Eresys delivers ambient environmental sounds, and grotesque monster ques. This combined with the overall theme and look makes for an immersive experience while you hope the blaring eye at the bottom of the screen closes. Perhaps don’t come out from the scattered houses or behind the trees until the coast is clear!

Monsters abound!

Every update the developers introduce in their steam listing makes this game more enjoyable to play, while listening to their audience. Eresys is definitely an enjoyable experience with friends that I would recommend to those either looking for a couple of hours of laughs. Or even wait for a more polished gameplay experience in the future. Either way, I feel like it will be a win-win.


  • Love letter to the Lovecraftian genre
  • Good overall environments and sound design
  • Fun co-op experience to enjoy with friends
  • Player feedback and updates come in a timely manner


  • Early access you get what you pay for at this time
  • Still very unpolished
  • Very limited gameplay as of right now
  • Minor graphical and interactive bugs

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