Fulqrum Publishing and Kalla Gameworks today announce The Height of the Empire – the third major Content Update for story-driven, sci-fi grand strategy title The Pegasus Expedition is now available via Steam, GOG.com and Epic Games Store. The biggest update to the game yet introduces a new gameplay scenario and systems, in addition to a variety of quality of life changes and visual improvements.

An alternate history take of the game’s main campaign, The Height of the Empire is a brand new gameplay scenario that sees the Tamanin Empire – who experience civil war and splinter into several smaller factions during the main campaign – stay unified against the player, who will have to face fierce opposition from them and be thrust into war immediately.

The update introduces changes to the game’s consequence system, giving players a clearer idea of how their choices will impact their campaign, while a brand new Veterancy system sees units that fight and survive through many battles gain a Veteran status, giving them better performance in combat scenarios.

Additionally, a new Edicts system allows players to better manage their empire and survive through the many crises that may fall upon it. Players can now also automate their fleet’s upgrades, reducing the end game busywork, and will notice that a variety of changes and improvements to visual effects have also been implemented.

Finally, devastating new thermonuclear weapons have also been added, giving players a fighting chance against the Tamanin Empire. These weapons are not to be used lightly, with each warhead taking up an entire equipment slot, and upon use cause massive reputation penalties to the player. However, they can single-handedly turn the tide of combat.

The Height of the Empire is the third of four planned early access content updates for The Pegasus Expedition. It follows Scattered Empires and At the Center of It All – both of which introduced new gameplay scenarios alongside a variety of changes and bug fixes.

Besides these new features and content, The Height of the Empire brings a number of additional changes and fixes:


  • Happiness has been largely rebalanced and should feel much more sensible and predictable.
  • Updated Social media buttons in the menu.
  • Repair costs and time has been rebalanced to be more usable.
  • Updated fleet management UI elements.
  • Players can now zoom in much further


  • Fixed issue where AI movement rarely crashed the game.
  • Fixed end cutscene voice lines sometimes playing at wrong times.
  • Fixed flickering issues with some UI elements.
  • Fixed issue where game would start without music.
  • Fixed issue where game could freeze at Anabah combat.
  • Many minor miscellaneous fixes and improvements

The Pegasus Expedition is now available as a PC Early Access title via Steam, GOG.com and Epic Games Store.

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