When you are in a full house you tend to time your shower water usage so no one starts a cold morning with a cold shower. My solution was to make a shower playlist and listen to a certain amount of music to help time my water instead of annoying alarms. I play them through a portable speaker across the room so it doesn’t get wet with my phone on the towel rack balanced close enough for me to adjust the volume between tunes and pause in case someone needs to talk to me. It’s a rather antiquated example of how to solve the problem and luckily Tribit came up with an upgrade in the shape of the AquaEase Bluetooth Shower Speaker.

At its core it’s exactly what it advertised, a water-resistant speaker with adjustable playback buttons. It takes only seconds to pair, just like anything else you might want to Bluetooth 5.3 connect to. You power on the speaker, check the device you are pairing too, and then select the speaker. What’s cool is what it does next. If the device you are pairing with, such as your phone, has a clock on it the speaker syncs up to it so that you know exactly what time you get in the shower and the time you reach up to turn it off. I have friends who have set their time ahead on devices so that they can avoid being late, well the speaker shows the time of whatever device it’s connected to so it should always match.

Shower with Music!

When it comes to a speaker you want to be able to change the sound levels to correspond to the levels on each tune. I’ve got one particular soundtrack that is crazy muddy and by bad luck I almost always have some high-quality studio mix right after it and suddenly the house is alive with the sound of my music… with someone sleeping in the room right next to the bathroom all day because they work the night shift. In the past, I would ready myself to reach out to my phone on the towel rack and adjust as the tracks require, which can suck when you have a headful of shampoo and you wind up letting too much heat out. Now I have the AquaEase hanging from my curtain rack by the included mini lanyard right next to where I stand and push the volume up and down buttons and if I need to talk to someone while in the shower I can pause and restart the music.

Two of my favorite features of the speaker are one that is just for fun and another that could prove very useful. I’m that gadget geek who loves things that are shiny. AquaEase has some great lighting patterns going around the outside that go nicely with the music. When glancing up for the time, adjusting tunes, or leaning back to wash out the conditioner it’s a kick to see the lighting going, it’s even cool to just use it as a light and shut the rest in the bathroom off. The other part which is actually very useful it is equipped with a microphone so if a call comes in you can talk to it without rushing to dry your hand and the side of your hair off. That alone makes it worth its money for those who need consistent contact with their phones. All in a speaker which can be far more directional by the sheer fact it’s water resistant and can be brought in the shower and pointed right at you.

So far we’ve been sticking to the shower uses of the speaker. I play A LOT of Call Of Duty: Mobile on my phone, to the point I have calluses at the spots of my 4-finger grip and one of my most consistent issues is keeping track of time when I’m playing it. No in-game clocks and my phone is the gaming console so times fly insanely fast. I’ve found I can listen well to the game through the speaker, check time at a glance and if I shut off the lights in the room I can game to the speaker’s colorful show. Music is important to me so if I can improve my ability to listen to it at any given time I go for it and the AquaEase fits those needs.

If there is anything I would add to the speaker is next or previous buttons in case you want to skip or re-listen and maybe a mirror but the music changing can be the one thing you reach out of the shower to do.

AquaEase makes aqua time easier to groove through, but it’s more than just a speaker it’s an audio/visual sidekick. It can be useful in watery environments and out, wait until pool season kicks in and we find a whole new list of uses.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5


  • Built-in Clock
  • Play and Pause Ability
  • Bluetooth 5.3 Stable Connect
  • Microphone Built-in
  • Volume Control
  • Fun Lights


  • No next or previous buttons

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