With House Flipper marking almost 4 years of active development, gathering more than 3 million players from all around the world, and being released on all the major platforms, we’re finally getting some hints about the continuation of this simulator genre bestseller.

Watch the House Flipper 2 reveal trailer
The game currently stands on a vast amount of gameplay additions, including two free and three paid DLCs, as well as an impressive collection of community-generated content thanks to the Steam Workshop support – not to mention all the seasonal updates being released every couple of months.

The developers decided to take a bow towards their most dedicated fans and went ahead with sharing a sneak peek in the form of an official cinematic teaser on their recent live stream. The sequel announcement was full of easter-eggs, one of them being a QR code redirecting to the houseflipper2.com website. Can you find the other ones?

The upcoming months also seem to be very exciting for House Flipper players, as House Flipper: Pets DLC – the looming addition to the game is making its’ way towards the finish line.

Watch Pets DLC brand new teaser
In May, a range of animal species is finally showing up in this interior design and fixer-upper-oriented title! A major change regarding the gameplay? Maybe! But the developers assure that the DLC stays close to the roots of the original House Flipper.

Pets DLC offers a handful of long-awaited flipping mechanics, 10 unique properties in a completely new environment, and more than 300 items. Of course, on top of that, we have the addition of pets and all the special interactions connected to them.

The press kit for both House Flipper 2 and the Pets DLC is available under the following link: https://pr-outreach.com/en/game/house-flipper-2,26.

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