This time, the House Flipper family will be joined by various farm animals — from cows and chickens to horses and piggies. Farm Flipper will give players the unique opportunity to buy and eventually fully customize their farm. Moreover, there will be a variety of different farm-flipping tasks that players will be able to complete. Toss a coin to your farmer, baby!

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A farmer’s life consists of many challenging tasks, especially when they also have to get things flipping. Get ready for a farm makeover and prepare some proper living conditions for your animals! Feed and water them, and they’ll become great companions on your farming journey! Build extensions for your houses so you never run out of indoor space! Create your own plantations and watch your crops grow from horseback! A unique environment, new orders, a bunch of farm-themed items, your very own livestock, and more! All available soon in House Flipper: Farm DLC!

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