Finally! Townsmen VR is entering the final stages of Early Access. After a complete overhaul, you are no longer confined to a small island in the middle of an endless ocean. The latest Early Access update of Townsmen VR gives you not only a single island to explore but a world to interact with.

What to expect:

The world of Townsmen VR changed drastically. Whereas you just had one island to explore in the old version of the Early Access – the game was intended as a tech demo – you now still start on the tutorial island but one can expand their empire to a world of 13 different islands and archipelagoes. Filled to the brim with exciting features, adventures and things to lay your virtual hands-on. By now the crafting system has been expanded so you have up to 20 different raw materials to build, carve, bake and smelt goods with. A good example is knights.

Current Early Access features

  • a complete overhaul of Townsmen VR,
  • a fully voiced campaign and story arching over 13 islands,
  • upgrades and add-ons for buildings,
  • research is added for further upgrades,
  • new animals like cows, sheep and chickens, and wild animals roaming the islands.
  • Build a harbour to have a trader’s ship and begin treasuring up riches,
  • buy things at the market instead of harvesting (if you have the gold, of course).
  • Time to reach out and build some bows and crossbows for your soldiers,
  • Deal with pirates and shady merchants,
  • completely remodelled UI and more quality of life improvements.

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