Hunt’s very first Halloween Event starts today on PC. From now until November 4th, you’ll have the chance to unlock exclusive equipment, and a few other naughty treats. To get the gear, you’ll need to collect special Event Points, which you can do by heading down the bayou and:

  • Destroying pumpkins scattered through the world
  • Destroying the Butcher’s pumpkin head
  • Investigating a Halloween-themed Clue or Rift
  • Destroying pumpkins mounted on scarecrows

There’s a trick to boosting the points you earn with the Halloween-exclusive consumable – the Wormseed Shot. You’ll receive three of these to get you started – just for logging in during the event. You can equip up to four of them onto your Hunter in Bounty Hunt, and using one will increase the amount of Event Points earned in that match by 25%. And if you need more, you can buy them in the store using Blood Bonds. Using more than one will multiply the effect, and the effect will also apply to any Hunters on your team – so get your friends together and really rake in the points! In Quick Play, you cannot equip any Wormseed shots before a mission, but will find them as you go in the world.

It takes 1000 Event Points to unlock all the Halloween goodies. Up to 500 points you earn over that will be considered a Bonus and converted into Blood Bonds at the end of the event. Your additional Wormseed Shots will also be converted in Blood Bonds.

Each day, there’s a cap on the amount of Event Points which you can earn. On the first day, you will cap out at 200 points. Once you hit the cap for that day, you can still play the event, but you won’t rack up any more Event Points. On the second day, your point total caps out at 600. (If you capped out on day one with 200 points, then this means on day two, you can earn an additional 400 points.) On the third day of the event your points cap out at 1000. Every day after that (and until the end of the event), your Event Points will cap out at 1500. So lock yourself in for a full weekend of mischief and mayhem!

We hope you’ll have some fun spooking other Hunters and smashing up pumpkins in the Bayou during our event. Check back again tomorrow for more information on all the Halloween-themed gear you’ll be able to earn, and as always, happy hunting!

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