SINGAPORE – 2 January, 2020 – A year on after sweeping 15 best-of-CES awards with its breakthrough Super X-Fi Headphone Holography, Creative Technology will be unveiling the all-new Super X-Fi Gen2 audio profile, which features key improvements to provide users with a more natural headphone audio experience than ever before.

Unprecedented Realism in Headphones

Super X-Fi recreates the soundstage of a high-end surround speaker system in headphones, and personalizes it with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for a natural listening experience. Since its worldwide launch at CES 2019, users and critics have been blown away by the realism of personalized audio, which is tailored according to their anthropometric profiles.

“At the beginning, our user profile base was in the range of tens of thousands. Over the past year, riding on the successful launch of Super X-Fi, we have accumulated hundreds of thousands of user profiles. This significant jump in real-world data has provided us with the capacity for more research, and importantly, it has enabled us to train the Super X-Fi AI engine to be even more accurate in personalizing the audio experience for our users. This was key in our development of the Super X-Fi Gen2 profile,” said Lee Teck Chee, Vice-President of Technology at Creative and inventor of Super X-Fi.

Super X-Fi Gen2 incorporates other important enhancements as well, including the preservation of more details in the surround sound configuration, along with higher positioning accuracy. Audio fidelity is improved, resulting in a clearer sound signature. This translates to more pristine audio across a broader range of content, and a much higher level of enjoyment for users overall. For movies, dialogue becomes clearer, and audio cue positioning is more precise, with an enhanced bass performance. This is also better across various genres of music, as the improved restoration of details moves users closer to a studio environment.

For gaming, the Super X-Fi experience is improved across a broad range of game types, with better perception of distance and position. Furthermore, Creative will be showcasing at CES 2020 a special gaming sound profile designed for first-person-shooter games in a preview of the SXFI GAMER headset.

The benefits of the new Super X-Fi Gen2 profile do not end there. With its new approach in design methodology, power consumption becomes more efficient. For instance, the SXFI AIR headphone will gain more than 10% of battery life.

The Super X-Fi Gen2 profile will be implemented on all existing user profiles worldwide during CES 2020, and users just need to perform simple firmware updates on their products, and download their new profiles through the SXFI APP to experience the all-new holographic audio.

Lee added – “Super X-Fi Gen2 is the new fruit of our unrelenting research for audio excellence. Also, while Gen2 is the best sound profile we have, we are constantly looking into developing the next higher standard. Gen3 is already on the horizon.”


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