Recently, we got to ask Gary Soloff, the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood Director of Marketing, a few questions about the upcoming return of their Horror Made Here event. Horror Made Here, taking place on the Warner Bros. Studio lot, provides guests with a plethora of scary things to do and see during the Halloween season. You can find our review of last year’s event here, and out interview questions with Gary below:

1.) How did these new mazes/experiences for Horror Made Here come together? How was it working with the filmmakers to create them?

A) They really came together through us sitting down and brainstorming what horror films, storylines and characters from our franchises would resonate with guests. Working with the filmmakers and executives at New Line Cinema was an incredible experience. They helped guide us with certain aspects of the mazes/scares and really made it so that we could create something that was just as scary as the films and authentic to the filmmakers vision. When guests come to experience Horror Made Here they will feel as if they are a character in the film.

2.) What were some of the challenges or unexpected surprises in designing this year’s Horror Made Here event as a whole?

A) I think one of the challenges was that we had to be selective in the attractions and mazes we were creating. We wanted to dive a little bit deeper and give fans what they wanted to see, but also provide an intimate and authentic experience. So, narrowing down our selections for this year’s event was difficult.

IT’s Neibolt House from 2017 Horror Made Here

3.) Has the Horror Made Here footprint changed at all this year from last time – will it still be mainly located in the Stars Hollow area?

A) The event will take place on our Midwest backlot (home to Stars Hollow and Rosewood). We are including more mazes, expanding the footprint of each maze (for example The Conjuring maze will encompass two sets this years) and we are adding active waiting so the scares begin the moment you get in line. We also are activating the whole Midwest backlot, with the addition of our Fangtasia bar, Lost Boys retro-arcade, Crave Inn Café, our Devil Drop ride and our center stage. Guests will truly be partying on hallowed ground.

4.) Aside from the new mazes/experiences, should guests be on the lookout for any differences or changes from last year’s event? — And thanks for taking the time to answer these!

A) Guests should be on the lookout for an expanded experience with more mazes and scares. We really tried to create a deeper intimate experience for guests such as active waiting, more food selections in more locations instead of food trucks. We are excited to add two unique experiences, the Exorcist Forbidden Screening (Set in the church on the backlot) and Nightmare on Camp Crystal Lake. Nightmare on Camp Crystal lake is a stop on the back lot tour where guests will have to get off the cart and walk through our Jungle backlot set. We are bring the final dream sequence to life from Freddy vs Jason…no sleeping bag required.

The Warner Bros. Studios Tour’s Horror Made Here event runs various days in October. You can find dates/times, ticket information, and more over at their official website!

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