October 24, 2017 – Originally released on Steam Early Access on May 17, 2016, MinMax Games is excited to announce that Space Pirates and Zombies 2 will officially launch on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux on November 7, 2017, including a fully featured VR port, free of additional charge, which supports the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. What this means for you is a vast and persistent living galaxy populated by 200 unique AI captains, a blend of action combat vs strategic conquest, and explosions – lots of explosions, like skittles in space.

Having begun its development life over 5 years ago, SPAZ 2 continues the legacy and spirit of 2011’s PC indie hit, Space Pirates and Zombies, framing the latest title around brand new gameplay mechanics and a renewed focus on scavenging and survival. Through all this, community has remained a key pillar for the team at MinMax, and there’s no better indication of their commitment to SPAZ’s passionate fans than its time in Steam Early Access.

“We want to thank everyone who has come along for the ride during Early Access. The community’s suggestions and input have made SPAZ 2 the game it is today,” noted Andrew Hume, MinMax Games co-founder. “Systems like the Super Sandbox Mode, Blueprints, Core Synergies, Part Catalog, and Map Generator would never have existed without our daily chats on the forums, and have become some of our favorite features. It’s been a long trip, but together we did it, and we’re so excited that 1.0 is just around the corner!”

Now, with its official launch closing in, there’s no denying that SPAZ 2 is – at least in part – a byproduct of its fan’s ambitions and drive to dig even further into the immersive galaxy MinMax Games have created. But enough of that sentimental stuff – you’re here for the wanton space destruction, right? Well, SPAZ 2 has that. A lot of that. Unload barrages of missile and laser fire on your enemies with Battlewagon mode. Ram through your enemies’ exposed hulls to take out their engines. Turn severed enemy ship parts into improvised flails with your tractor beam.

Whether you’re a budding galactic strategist or you just want to blow some space junk to smithereens, the living galaxy of Space Pirates and Zombies 2 has a place for you. For more information about all things space, pirate, zombie or explosion-based, check out Space Pirates and Zombies 2 on Steam, or visit the game’s website.

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